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Children and Young People: Senior Healthcare Support Worker Apprenticeship

Level: 3
Duration: 18 months

Children and young people senior healthcare support workers look after neonates, babies, infants, children and young people in a range of settings; your duties will vary accordingly. You will support them with their healthcare needs. Your supervisor will be a registered healthcare practitioner, in most instances a registered nurse. You will work within guidelines and legislation designed to protect and support children and young people, recognising the different needs and rights they have at different ages and stages of their development. You will promote person and family-centred care, working in partnership with parents, families and other services and agencies.

Entry requirements:

Health and Social Care experience and a minimum of two GCSE at grade 4 (grade C) or above in Maths and English is desirable.

Where will I study:

Training 2000 Blackburn OR your employers location (depending on cohort size)

What will I learn?

You will be able to:

  • assist nurses with delegated clinical tasks in line with current legislation and policy
  • support the CYP before, during and after clinical or therapeutic procedures
  • communicate with the CYP using age appropriate communication and shared decision making with them, the family and carer
  • support life-limiting conditions and contribute to end of life care
  • recognise limitations in mental capacity and respond appropriately
  • monitor and maintain the environment, equipment and resources; perform first line calibration on clinical equipment and manage stock control
  • contribute to discharge from services
  • Other clinical tasks are determined by your local work setting and policies eg physiological measurements, venepuncture, intravenous cannulation; tissue viability risk assessments; caring for wounds; obtaining and testing samples and other specimens

You will know and understand:

  • current legal policy and service frameworks for CYP (eg The Children’s Act 1989 and 2004); Mental Capacity Act in relation to CYP; the rights of CYP at different ages; safeguarding of CYP, consent and proxy consent, parental responsibility, and ‘acting in a child’s best interests;’
  • the clinical tasks you will routinely be expected to carry out within your role including reasonable adjustments; healthcare needs of CYP ways to promote self-management and independence
  • anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of CYP; stages of development; functional changes associated with disease or injury; ways to support physical or learning disability
  • what is meant by life-limiting conditions; and the impact this can have on child development; the end of life phase and factors which impact on the care of the dying or deceased in line with national and local guidelines
  • patient centred care; the parent/CYP bond; working in partnership with families and carers to deliver holistic family-centred care; the importance of families’
  • choices and listening to the voice of the CYP, parent or carer; the importance of supporting CYP in the context of their social and educational need;
    specific moving and positioning techniques to use with CYP
  • where equipment and resources importance of shared communication across the multidisciplinary team, including appropriate escalation
    the discharge process, the availability of services offered by the extended health and social care system
Job example

Senior Healthcare Support Worker, Therapy Support Worker, Mental Health Support Worker, Healthcare Assistant, Maternity Support Worker, Theatre Support Worker, Paediatric Support Worker.

Date last updated:06 May 2021

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