5 Key Benefits of an Engineering Apprenticeship

August 8, 2016

Male Engineering apprentice in overalls and a face shield welding in the workshop

So you want to become an engineering apprentice – great choice! Building a strong career in a key industry offers a wide range of advantages, both professionally and personally.

The reasons that engineers start and grow their careers vary from person to person, but what has always remained true is that there is a range of benefits to building a career in the sector.



An engineering career allows you to utilise your creative flair on a daily basis. Whether this is designing new pieces or parts utilising computer-aided design or through more traditional engineering drawings, and ranging through to following drawings to create tangible parts & pieces for equipment which will perform a crucial function, the ability to make a real impact is clear.

Collaborating with other professionals across a huge range of industries is often called for, meaning those who love to create, learn and experience new things will feel at home as an engineer.


Earning potential

There is fantastic scope to earn a good wage working as an engineer – across a variety of specialisms which it is possible to move into as your career progresses.

From electronic and mechanical engineering to operations management and research & development, the options are endless, and what is true across the board is that wages for engineers hold up extremely well against other career options.


Learn and grow

An engineering apprenticeship offers a supportive network which will work with you to learn and grow – with on-the-job support combining with the key skills you will gain via training.

Building relationships both in work and within training provides a good atmosphere and opportunity to share ideas and increase skills via colleagues and fellow learners.


Earn while you learn

Building your engineering career through an apprenticeship as opposed to studying at College – you’ll get experience in a work environment day-to-day whilst also gaining the benefits from experienced trainers who can help you build your skills and take them straight into the workplace.

An apprenticeship also can allow you to build a career and avoid the high levels of student debt incurred when studying for a degree.


Make an impact

As an engineer you’ll have the opportunity to make a real impact and a difference, and benefit from the opportunities that it provides.

With some job roles offering travel opportunities thanks to engineering’s global role, the ability to make your mark in a job which inspires you which you love is a real pull for future engineers taking their first steps into the world of work.


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