Free Business Seminar as Apprenticeship Reforms Gather Pace

Training 2000 is hosting a free seminar in January where businesses from across the North West can learn crucial information about the ongoing apprenticeship reforms, as we enter 2017 – only months away from the Apprenticeship Levy coming into force.

Held at the training providers Nelson centre on Thursday, January 12th from 8:30am until 10:30am, both levy and non-levy paying organisations will be able to learn more about how the changes will impact on them.

These include the Apprenticeship Levy, which comes into force from April 2017 requiring all businesses with a £3 million payroll or above to contribute 0.5% of their payroll towards the training of apprenticeships.

Also being discussed is the employer-led ‘Trailblazer’ apprenticeship standards, which are being rolled out to replace the previous Frameworks as the basis for apprenticeship delivery, and the changes to how the funding of apprenticeships will work going forward.

Including both presentations and work groups, the event also provides an opportunity to network with fellow businesses. Food will be provided.

To book your free place, click here.

Training 2000 engineers take home World Skills medals

A group of engineering apprentices have taken home three gold and two bronze medals from the recent national World Skills finals. Whilst at the show they went head to head with strong competition from fellow talented apprentices and were watched by 80,000 visitors over three days.

The winning group comprised of John-Robbie Sanderson from R Briggs Sheet metal Fabrication ltd, Chris Taylor from WEC Group, Oliver Hyde from Fort Vale, Alex Corcoran from Nuvia Ltd and Katie Goodwill from Rolls-Royce PLC. They were competing in engineering sectors such as Sheet Metalwork, Construction Metalwork, CAD Mechatronics and CNC Turning.

After showcasing their technical and employability skills in the regional competitions, they were shortlisted to take part in the coveted UK finals which took place between 17th to the 19th November at the NEC in Birmingham.

Our CEO Steve Gray congratulated the learners and employers, saying;

“The World Skills UK competition is a renowned event and Training 2000 is very pleased to have supported learners and employers in showcasing their talents at the show. It is a fantastic achievement that we had three gold and two bronze winners and we are so proud of them and those who have competed at this level. The success of our apprentices at the show has placed Training 2000, 5th in the league table of training providers out of 140 training providers who took part.”

World Skills is the largest skills competition that exhibits world-class excellence in skills and introduces youth to a variety of skilled careers. The skills on display included diverse talents such as Beauty Therapy, Accounting, Welding, Games Design and many more.

The 44th World Skills Competition will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in October 2017.

‘Cybergeddon’ brings cyber security nightmare to life!

Dozens of delegates from across Lancashire have taken part in an immersive ‘escape room’ style seminar which highlighted the consequences of not taking cyber security seriously in a fun, immersive way.

Held at Training 2000’s Cyber Security Centre in Nelson, Lancashire, ‘Cybergeddon’ was designed to help business get to grips with how easy it is for a business to fall victim to an attack, by asking delegates to play a game – during which they learnt key information on combating diverse online threats impacting organisations of all sizes from sole traders and SMEs to global corporations.

After a brief introduction, delegates were taken into four unique rooms, each with its own cyber security related theme, and asked to complete challenges and answer questions that can stop Cybergeddon – taken round the different activities by Training 2000’s ‘Hacker in Residence’ Jamie Woodruff.

The first room focused on social engineering, where delegates were shown how easy impersonation through in-person examples, where actors pretended to be from a well-known pizza delivery company and a health worker – whilst delegates were given examples of when businesses have had their data breached through this technique.

The second room saw various hacking techniques laid bare as the specific risks facing the relevant industries for each attendee – and how criminals may seek to exploit any potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities they might have – before identifying the visual risks and taking on a ‘crack the password’ challenge.

Finally, each delegate was given their own profile, put together with all the information publicly available online – to showcase how visible almost everyone is to anyone on the internet, even cyber criminals.

Sarah Green, cyber security business manager at Training 2000 said:

“By creating a themed, escape room style interactive seminar, we wanted to help people understand the real danger cyber criminals pose to their businesses, and do this in a fun, engaging way which brought what can be sometimes seen a tech-jargon to life.

Businesses can be shut down by even a relatively simple cyber-attack, we wanted to visualise the chaos this would cause before the hackers get any chance to do damage so vulnerabilities can be fixed before criminals identify them.

If you would like to receive a short free security audit, contact us on 01254 54659 or email [email protected] – and to view the range of courses we offer visit

Engineering Firm Visits Advanced Manufacturing Centre With Demo Van

Training 2000 learners gained an insight into how a large engineering firm operates and got to see some of their state-of-the-art kit in action, as Haimer, whose UK base is in East Lancashire, brought their ‘demo van’ to the training providers £1.2m Advanced Manufacturing & Automation Centre (AMAC).

Dozens of learners were able to ask questions and view demonstrations – alongside taking a look at the pioneering equipment in place at the AMAC, which was officially opened in September, and apprentices also had the opportunity to watch a World Skills finals competitor producing components ahead of the national competition.

The ‘engineers of the future’ had a great morning, gaining an in depth look at a range of engineering tools and techniques that may not be part of their everyday work environment – and for those who work in this area of engineering currently, it was a great way to reinforce the development of their skills and build their confidence and career options.

Learn more about the demo van on Haimer’s website here.

You can also find out more about what the AMAC is offering businesses across the engineering and manufacturing sectors by reading the online version of our programme portfolio.

Training 2000 Becomes Cyber Essentials Certification Body

North West training provider Training 2000 has become a certification body for the Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme, one of only two certification bodies in Lancashire able to certify that businesses meet the best practice for good ‘cyber hygiene’.

Mandatory in a growing number of supply chains, including the MOD, Nuclear Decommissioning Agency and some central government contracts, when implemented correctly Cyber Essentials can protect against 80% of unsophisticated cyber-attacks.

There are two tiers to the scheme – Cyber Essentials is a self-assessment questionnaire to gauge IT set-up to fend off cyber-attacks and is designed to be light touch and low-cost. Cyber Essentials Plus is a step up and verifies your IT systems through technical testing, providing an even stronger indicator of how cyber secure a business is.

By highlighting the cyber security protections in place, businesses are able to evidence a resilience against the growing number of online threats and offer assurances that they can be trusted with sensitive customer information.

Brian Lightowler, Managing Director, QG Management Standards who are an Accreditation Body for the Cyber Essentials scheme said:

“Cyber security is an increasingly important area for organisations to take seriously and failure to do so represents a significant risk both to themselves and their customers.

Cyber Essentials is an excellent government-endorsed standard and by taking five simple steps companies are able to demonstrate good practice and commitment to protecting themselves against cyber threats.”

Sarah Green, cyber security business manager at Training 2000 said:

“Our focus is helping businesses throughout Lancashire and beyond protect against the very real threat posed by cyber criminals.

“Becoming a certification body for the globally recognised Cyber Essentials scheme means that we can help organisations shout about the fact that their customers can trust them with their data.

“We’re more than happy to talk businesses through the process, and offer advice on how to achieve certification – a growing number are recognizing that Cyber Essentials is becoming a key benchmark and we will ensure the process is as simple as possible.”

To talk about gaining Cyber Essentials certification and request a questionnaire, call on 01254 54659 or email [email protected].

You can also download the questionnaire HERE.