Dual Award For Training 2000

Training 2000 has been recognised for its comprehensive and stringent health and safety management systems and commitment to quality. These were awarded following 18 months of preparation. 

The Blackburn-based training provider has just received both the ISO 9001 and BS OHSAS 18001 certificates. The two standards, together with the current ISO 14001 certificate gained in 2009, gives the company full certification in quality, health, safety and environmental management systems.

To meet the three standards, Training 2000 has had to demonstrate its comprehensive quality, health and safety culture and systems and that it monitors and limits its impact on the environment wherever possible.

Phil Watson, health safety and environment team leader at Training 2000 says: “This is a fantastic achievement.
“These accreditations show our customers that, as one of the largest Group Training Associations in the country, we are a committed and responsible company operating to the highest standards.”

ISOQAR, the accreditation body with whom the standards have been achieved, made two separate visits over four days with two auditors on site, due to the fact that the company took the unusual step of attempting to achieve both standards at the same time.

Wendy Holden, functional leader in business assurance at Training 2000 added: “Being audited for BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001 is an exacting process and every area of our operation has been inspected.
“It would have been commendable for any organisation to achieve any one of the standards, but to do the two together is a fantastic achievement.

“By delivering continual improvement in our working practices and procedures, we are delivering the highest quality service to our learners, maintaining a safe workplace in which they can learn, reducing potential lost time incidents (LTI), reducing costs and becoming greener at the same time, so it’s a win-win situation.”

Training 2000 Urges School Leavers To Consider Options

Results day can be a very stressful time for young people, but regardless of the outcome, the good news is, there are an increasing number of high-quality, work related courses to choose from.

With more vacancies than ever before, Apprenticeships are fast-becoming a popular option for young and ambitious school leavers.

The structure of Apprenticeships offer young people the opportunity to gain nationally-recognised qualifications, valuable work experience and full-time paid employment all at the same time.

According to the latest figures from the National Apprenticeship Service, after finishing an Apprenticeship, 85 per cent will stay in employment, with 64 per cent staying with the same employer, highlighting that Apprenticeships allow companies to improve their skills base and future workforce, whilst supporting the long-term career development of young people.

Interest in Apprenticeships is expected to rise further in September following the introduction of new legislation which aims to ensure teenagers stay in learning or training until they are 17.

Known as ‘Raising the Participation Age’, it is hoped that the Government reform will encourage young people to stay focused on their future learning and help to smooth the transition from education to work life.

Steve Gray, chief executive at Training 2000, said: “Whatever your results, it is important not to panic and make a quick decision on the day as there are many different options available.

“Whether it’s further education, vocational qualifications or entering the world of work, you need to seek advice from professionals who can guide you through the options and help you to make the best decision for your future.”

For some students, bridging the gap between an educational establishment and the workplace is a daunting prospect. But in a bid to change this, the Government’s new Traineeship programme offers support to youngsters prior to their Apprenticeship and aims to be the preferred route for those aspiring apprentices who need a helping hand.

With evidence to suggest that young people are lacking the basic attributes needed in the world of work, Traineeships will ensure that young people are well equipped with the necessary employability skills such as social and communication skills and basic literacy and numeracy.

Between February and April 2013 more than 370,000 Apprenticeship applications were submitted online, showing that the popularity and demand for these vocational courses has increased significantly.

With Training 2000 and many other training providers advertising their vacancies online, many more people looking for an alternative route to university are registering an interest and signing up online.

Steve continued: “Choosing to undertake an Apprenticeship or any other training or development course is a great way to embark onto a new career pathway, subsequently opening the doors to a new future. Both Traineeships and Apprenticeships can help to put young people on the route to success, laying the foundations for employers to recruit them in the future.”

David Way, executive director of the National Apprenticeship Service, added: “Apprenticeships are a great way for young people to progress onto further learning and also get a foot on the career ladder. With Apprenticeships covering more than 170 occupations and 1,500 job roles, there has never been a better time to think about an Apprenticeship.”