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Light Vehicle MOT Annual CPD and Assessment

Cost: £90 + VAT
Duration: 3 hours

This CPD (continued professional development) will enable you to complete the requirements of the annual training subjects as specified each year by DVSA and includes both the annual training eLearning content AND the mandatory annual assessment.

Completing both the annual CPD and passing the annual assessment is required each year to maintain nominated tester status

Where will I study:

At our Automotive Centre in Blackburn


entry requirements:

Training 2000 want to help make the process as easy as possible for you. We are offering:

  • Help to understand the requirements of the subjects specified annually by the DVSA
  • 3 hours MOT CPD
  • The assessment
  • A printed certificate as proof of annual training hours and the assessment result
  • Convenient times so it doesn’t impact too much on your business

Who is this for

Existing Light Vehicle (classes 3, 4, 5, & 7) MOT nominated testers who wish to prepare for, and then complete, the DVSA MOT Annual CPD and Annual Assessment.

Useful information

From April 2016 all current and new MOT testers will be required to record a minimum of 3 hours training annually, totalling a minimum of 16 hours over a rolling five year period. In addition they will also need to pass an online MOT annual assessment – if they wish to remain an MOT tester.

Date last updated:20 March 2018