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A0M009 Resistance Spot Welding / MAG Welding

Cost: £210 + VAT
Duration: ½ Day- Assessment

IMI Accreditation Resistance Spot Welding (BS1140) MAG Welding (BS4872)

This module covers the welding requirement for IMI Accreditation and is a prerequisite for candidates wishing to achieve IMI Accreditation Panel Technician / Senior Technician. The certification must be ‘current’ (issued within the last two years), and must be quality assured by an Awarding Organisation that is recognised by the IMI.

Where will I study:

Training 2000’s Automotive Centre, Blackburn, Lancashire


Course content includes assessments on the following Tasks:

  • To demonstrate your skills in setting up welding equipment for both MAG and resistance spot welding
  • To demonstrate your skills and ability to produce a series of MAG butt / fillet welds in the vertical up and overhead positions to meet BS4872-1
  • To demonstrate the ability to assess MAG welds for visible defects
  • To demonstrate you can complete a series of resistance spot welds to meet BS1140
  • To demonstrate the ability to assess resistance spot welds for visible defects
Date last updated:25 February 2021