Training 2000 End Point Assessment Centre for Dental Nurse Apprenticeship

May 2, 2017

Industry-leading dental nurse apprenticeship provider Training 2000 has launched an approved End Point Assessment (EPA) service for training providers delivering the new dental nurse apprenticeship standard.

Within the new apprenticeship standards there is a requirement that all learners must successfully complete an assessment before officially completing their apprenticeship.

Our team of dental experts are building on their expertise and reputation as an OFSTED grade one dental apprenticeship training provider – supporting providers, learners and businesses assessment needs – able to visit the apprentices’ training centre across the country.

All apprenticeship standards – which show what an apprentice will be doing and the skills required of them, replacing the previous system of apprenticeship frameworks – require an end point assessment to be successfully completed before a learner can be considered to have passed their apprenticeship.

This is part of the wider apprenticeship reforms which have been taking place across the last two years, including the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, 10% co-funding for businesses who do not contribute to the Levy and general changes in how the funding and delivery of apprenticeships operates.

Lynda Farrell, business manager for dental at Training 2000 said:

“We will be able to support training providers, learners and employers through the End Point Assessment process – which builds on our track record and knowledge within the training of dental nursing learners and means you’ll be able to trust that your dental assessments are in safe, experienced hands.”

If you would like any further information or to book your End Point Assessment with Training 2000, call 01254 54659 or email [email protected].

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