Thousands more young people choosing Apprenticeships

September 16, 2014

Training2000 apprentices

Our employers have always known that apprenticeships allow them to train young people with industry specific and practical skills. Yet how do young people feel about the opportunities that Apprenticeships provide for them?

New figures released by the Government suggest that more and more young people are understanding the benefits of becoming an apprentice. In March this year more than 15% of 16 and 17 year olds are in Apprenticeships in comparison to last year, and interestingly, 8 out of 9 regions in England reported higher rates of young people in education or training.

The reform of Apprenticeships has meant that you, the employer, work with us to create and design the kind of course that teaches your employees the knowledge that you want them to have. This key reform has clearly made apprenticeships a respectable choice for career driven young people. There is real potential for this change to continue, with the high costs of university education and some graduates disillusioned with the employment market.

Furthermore Apprenticeships are shown to have a staggeringly positive influence on the economy, with at least £18 going back into the economy for every £1 the government invests in apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships offer a viable way for us to rectify the skills crisis. Though we can never stop striving to get more people into apprenticeships and improving our courses, these statistics are positive, and can only be good news for ourselves and our employer partners.


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