Learners Become Journalists For The Day

Training 2000 recently celebrated International Literacy Day by becoming editors of their own newspapers, The Times and The Evening News.
International Literacy Day, held on Sunday 8 September, is organised by the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

For over forty years, UNESCO has been celebrating Literacy Day by reminding the international community that literacy is a human right and the basis for development. The organisation also believes that strong literacy skills form the foundation for lifelong learning.

As part of Literacy Day, learners on the Functional Skills course at Training 2000 have been improving their skills by producing creative and descriptive writing pieces in the form of a newspaper. The articles created included topical news stories of the week.

Christine Halleron, functional skills tutor at Training 2000, said: “Literacy skills are essential in all walks of life and we believe that equipping our learners with a higher literary understanding not only aids their own self improvement but gives them a greater advantage when applying for jobs.”

The Functional Skills course is part of the pre-apprenticeship programme that Training 2000 offers, whereby learners can gain skills and qualifications necessary for their chosen career.

Before becoming an apprentice, all learners are encouraged to study courses in Functional Skills as well as Personal and Social Development.

Danny Carr, a Functional Skills learner, said: “English is important in all career paths. This course has improved my understanding and knowledge of essential English writing practices, which are vital for my CV and letter writing skills.”