Ex-Apprentice Leads Drive For Recruitment

When Jaydee Davis qualified with an Apprenticeship, she didn’t expect her future career to involve managing other young people looking to gain the same qualification.Jaydee, 28, completed a Level 2 and Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship at Cummins Mellor Recruitment with the support of Blackburn-based Training 2000, the biggest Group Training Association in England, before starting her role in HR and recruitment at the People 2 People Group in 2011.

The People 2 People Group, based in Blackburn, specialises in several areas within the financial services sector. Their companies include Quickdox, Credit Agreement, Precision Claims, Wise Appointments and Wise Review.
As Group HR and Recruitment Manager, Jaydee is responsible for 150 staff at head office and the ongoing recruitment of 500 self-employed representatives working across the UK.

As an ex-apprentice who has worked her way up the career ladder, Jaydee has an in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed and now advises 20 learners looking to achieve Apprenticeships in Business Administration and Customer Service.

Speaking from her own past experience, Jaydee, said: “From an academic point of view, I didn’t enjoy school, so I was happy to jump straight into a working environment and earn money whilst gaining a nationally-recognised qualification.

“It’s really rewarding to be able to advise other apprentices in my current role as I recognise that starting out as a young learner and getting used to the working world can be a tough process.
“As a recruitment specialist, I would advise any young learner to choose the right company, show great work ethic, take all feedback on board and most importantly, accept that you have to start at the beginning and learn the basics of any role.

“Currently, employers are looking to find candidates with the requisite skills and work-ready experience as well as the necessary qualifications, demonstrating that Apprenticeships are the perfect route for young people.”
Rowena Brough, business manager at Training 2000, said: “Jaydee is a prime example of how a successful Apprenticeship can lead to great career prospects.

“She always worked hard and received positive feedback from her employer, demonstrating that learners with the right attitude and willingness to learn will always succeed in the future.”

Cumbria Learners First To Complete E-Learning Course

An administration co-ordinator in children’s services at the Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is among one of the first to complete a Level 4 NVQ through a learning assistant e-portfolio with Training 2000.
Twenty-nine-year-old Anna Penrose, from Carlisle, along with 5 other learners, completed their Diploma in Business and Administration Level 4 qualification by submitting evidence using an online e-portfolio that helps providers to deliver vocational qualifications more effectively.

Anna decided to study for a Level 4 NVQ in Business and Administration through her employer last year after spotting an advert in the staff magazine.

She says the experience has helped her to understand her role, improved her line management skills and helped her to solve problems more quickly and efficiently.

“This qualification has made me more aware of the work I do and made me think differently about my role and how I interact with colleagues,” she says. “The course really honed in on my problem-solving skills and this is an important part of my job.”

“I enjoyed the process and found it very easy to upload evidence to the Learning Assistant program and cross-reference the modules,” she says. “The assessors were very easy to contact and made the whole process very enjoyable and seamless.

“I had started NVQs in the past where the process was paper-based and I found it very arduous and too much work on top of my job. This model was very straightforward and the whole process was very well done.”

Lyn Moore, Anna’s line manager, is delighted with her development since she completed the course. “Anna is a star,” she says. “She has really developed her skills and is much more autonomous than she was before.

“She has put new systems in place to work with staff more efficiently and her ability to work through a problem is much stronger. I am really pleased with the progress she has made.”

Lyn says on-the-job training is becoming increasingly important to the Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust as pressure grows for hospitals to work more efficiently.

“The demands on our hospitals are ever-increasing and our support services underpin that,” she says. “By improving our performance management and streamlining our systems we can provide more consistency and efficiency.”

Anna is now planning to develop her skills further by studying for an NVQ Level 5 in Management. “The course helped to prepare me for the Level 5 qualification and I feel ready to take on the challenges that this course will bring,” she says.

“Some of the modules from my Level 4 NVQ can also be used as evidence for aspects of my Level 5, which will be very beneficial.”