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Beloved CEO Steve Gray celebrates 10 years of service

September 22, 2015

 Celebrations underway at Training 2000 for the commemoration of the 10 year anniversary of our Chief Executive Officer Steve Gray.

Steve started his career as an apprentice and upon its completion, he started with Ribble Motors as an Auto Electrician. This then led to a successful career as an Aircraft Electrician at global company BAE systems, spanning over 18 years.

He then ventured into the training arm of BAE systems and worked on learning and development projects including Tornado and Nimrod. Following this Steve moved into Apprenticeship and Training Management.

As CEO, Steve Gray focuses on overall organisational strategy and the direction of Training 2000 and has taken the company from strength to strength, with the business soon to be reaching its landmark 50th year in 2016.

After joining Training 2000 in the September of 2005, he implemented an exciting new vision and has led the business through a landmark era of change, culminating in the launch of several new and exciting projects including a new executive leadership brand, Silverback.

Mr Gray said of the anniversary;

“One of my life’s greatest achievements is being asked to be Chief Executive Officer for Training 2000, a well-respected Group Training Association that had already existed for nearly forty years. I’ve led a programme of change over the last 10 years, building on that solid platform and developing the company culture and I’m so proud of the staff and of course our learners, they are what it’s all about.”

We marked the anniversary with a presentation at our annual Staff Conference last week, including speeches, images of his greatest achievements and an award ceremony presided by the General Executive Management Team.

Speaking after the ceremony, Steve commented;

“I definitely see myself still being here in another ten years, with the company by then having become one of the top ten training providers in the country. The training sector will change radically over the next few years with employers having the ‘buying power’ to choose the skills training they require and we will meet that demand, maintaining our strong employer relationships and providing training that aligns to the economy. The change is still continuing.

“My motto is that the only constant in life is change.”

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