Remote education offer for learners

Our remote education offer

Lisa Bloomfield is Training 2000’s Senior Leader with overarching responsibility for the quality and delivery of remote education.

Tutors will communicate with learners via: email, OneFile, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams and calling where needed. Training 2000 tutors will individually guide their learner cohorts with how to access lessons and resources whilst working remotely.

Tutors will set work for learners for each session just as they would if learning was taking place in centre and will make learners aware of the completion date if it is not a live session. Training 2000 staff offer learner support through our Learner Support Officers for welfare and advice at this time.


Delivery arrangements

Microsoft Teams has been implemented with ‘how to’ guides written and provided to both staff and learners to make catching up with tutors and taking part in live virtual classes as easy as possible. There is on-going support for all staff with online delivery both individually and as teams to ensure our learners are getting the best we can offer. Learners are provided with advice and support from their tutors and Career Development Advisors to help overcome any problems and anxieties that arise with remote learning.

All usual classroom delivery is now taking place remotely. This is a combination of live learning sessions, 1:1 tutorials using Microsoft Teams and recorded sessions. This is to ensure that key workers and learners with other commitments can access sessions at a time that suits them.

Timetables will be provided on an individual basis by tutors. These may change in review of the curriculum that may need to change due to the current circumstances and to enhance learning but updates will be shared with all learners. One-file is key to keeping learners informed and safe with regular updates and guidance material including support for mental health, online safety and more.

A new ‘evidence of learning’ form has been created for each learner and is completed on a monthly basis. This is used to identify what learning has taken place, how and whether any extra support is needed. Tutors will assess and mark learners work and provide feedback and a further plan of action via email, OneFile, Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Teams.


Expectations of students

Training 2000 Learners should:

  • Use your Training 2000 email and check it daily
  • Read Training 2000 help-sheets to support you with the set-up of remote learning
  • Make sure you can access Microsoft Office 365 at home through a browser such as Chrome
  • Download the Microsoft Teams App on your mobile phone
  • Check that you can log in to OneFile (if relevant) and access your qualification
  • Regularly log in to OneFile or Microsoft Teams to access your lesson instructions and resources
  • Access lesson materials and submit work through OneFile & Microsoft Teams
  • Complete distance learning work packs (if relevant)
  • Make sure you submit work for assessment as required by your tutors
  • Most importantly ask for help if you are struggling with your work


Arrangements for practical learning

Practical learners such as Automotive, Engineering and Scaffolding are being supported in a variety of methods until they can return to in centre learning, due to the variable access to technology this is mainly through Microsoft Teams, emails, phone and written work sent via post. This includes separate maths and English work so that progress won’t be lost whilst testing can’t take place.

Existing AAT learners have had home deliveries of text books to ensure they are able to continue with their learning. Career Development Advisors will continued to develop and support as usual but via one-file and phone calls.


Extra support for students

Equipment such as laptops can be provided to those learners who do not have access to electronic devices and need extra support.

We will support any specific educational needs on an individual basis, this can be through the provision of equipment, extra 1:1 tuition or access to our Learner Support Officers. We will provide any reasonable adjustments to make sure you have the best learning experience that will enable you to achieve your goal.

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