Personal Statement Guidelines

A personal statement should not sound generic, remember first impressions count. Creating an original and engaging start to your statement will help to hold the reader’s interest throughout. Before you begin make sure you know about the Apprenticeship that you are applying for and why you would be good at it. It should contain all the motivations, interests and experiences that make you a unique person. This is your opportunity to tell an employer or the course provider your reasons for applying, your key skills and qualities.

Be positive and keep your language clear, concise and honest.
You could include the following:
1. Explain your reasons for applying for the Apprenticeship?
2. Explain how you’re right for the job?
3. Say what you’ve done outside the classroom and how it can be applied?
4. What interested you in this sector?
5. What skills do you have?
6. What training are you willing to do?
7. What are your hobbies and interests?
8. What’s the long-term plan?


Use positive verbs – By ‘positive verbs’ we mean words that you can use to describe your personal qualities and experiences. For example, you might use words such as, ‘advised’, ‘achieved’, ‘developed’, ‘demonstrated’, ‘improved’, ‘designed’, or organised’.


“I am a hardworking individual with strong problem-solving skills, I have recently completed my GCSE’s, achieving excellent grades in Maths and Science. Seeking an apprenticeship in the engineering industry to build on a keen scientific interest and start a career as a maintenance engineer.”
“I am a school leaver who is looking for an apprenticeship in business administration. I have great IT skills including word processing, email and working with spreadsheets. I am willing to work hard, gain qualifications and build on the general office skills developed through my work experience.”


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