Lancashire Businesses Prepare for Cybergeddon

October 17, 2016

Cybergeddon - 16th November 2016

Businesses across Lancashire have the opportunity to gain an in-depth look at the threats posed by cyber criminals at ‘Cybergeddon’, an immersive, interactive seminar which highlights the consequences of not taking cyber security seriously.

Taking place on Wednesday, 16th November at Training 2000’s Cyber Security Centre in Nelson, Lancashire, this free ‘scare attraction’ style event will mix informative information with an exciting, innovative concept to help business leaders get to grips with how easy it is for a business to fall victim to an attack.

Small teams of delegates will take part in a series of challenges and tasks to ‘Free the Hacker’ who is the only person that can stop Cybergeddon in its tracks – getting to grips with some of the main techniques that cyber criminals themselves use to target companies online every day.

Looking at cyber risks such as phishing, password cracking and website cloning, delegates will also be shown the very latest best practice in aiming to prevent a breach in their organisation which could cause a Cybergeddon of their own.

The two-hour sessions will include critical information for people of all knowledge levels, from tech-savvy IT professionals to anyone operating in a business which utilises the web and other digital systems to operate day-to-day.

Sarah Green, cyber security business manager at Training 2000 said:

“We’ve found that one of the main problems businesses face in both not knowing the potential cyber risks alongside the scale of the damage which a hacker can do.

“Businesses can be shut down by even a relatively simple cyber breach – and this exciting event is designed to make the world of cyber security engaging and understandable for everyone – bringing a cyber-attack to life in a safe environment.”

To book your free place and find out more information, visit – and contact the cyber security team on 01254 54659 or email [email protected].



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