Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) Policy

Training 2000 is committed to providing a high quality Information, Advice and Guidance Service. This policy provides details of our service and the standards of delivery. A high quality information, advice and guidance service is key to successful outcomes for learners, it ensures that learners are on programmes suited to their needs and contributes to our success and progression rates. The quality of the service is monitored through performance data and feedback from users.


Our Aims

1 To provide a high quality information, advice and guidance service to individuals wishing to consider accessing the company’s training programmes and those already in learning with the company.

2. To ensure our service delivery meets the requirements of the matrix standard.

In order to achieve our aims we will ensure that:

  • Quality, current information and advice will be readily available to learners at different stages of the learner journey.
  • Staff are appropriately supported and trained to deliver information, advice and guidance.
  • Learners are signposted or referred within or beyond Training 2000 when appropriate.
  • We provide information and advice about our training programmes, choosing the right course, learning support and progression.
  • Our policies relating to Quality, Equality & Diversity, Complaints, Appeals, Safeguarding, and Data Protection are applied within the service.
  • People are provided with a range of opportunities to feedback on the IAG service.


Targeted Outcomes

  • Success rates above 85%
  • Applicant satisfaction survey results of 9 out of 10
  • Learner satisfaction levels of 9 out of 10
  • Positive learner progressions of 80%
  • Learners will:
  • receive an initial assessment leading to an agreed learning plan appropriate to their needs
  • have regular planned progress reviews
  • receive information on progression at the end of their programme


C Stott
Chief Executive
February 2020


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