Apprenticeship helps Preesall’s Luke to improve employability

August 29, 2014

Luke Hill Training2000

Preesall is on the road to improve his employability after completing an Apprenticeship with Training 2000.

Twelve months ago, after leaving university, Luke Hill was unable to secure a job in his chosen field which left him feeling unconfident and uncertain about his future career plans.

After reviewing his options, Luke began to seek help from Positive Steps into Work, a support team at Blackpool Council which offers free advice on how to improve employability and support to unemployed residents living in the resort who want to get a job.

During this process, Luke was introduced to Apprenticeships, an option which would enable him to secure employment and a nationally-recognised qualification.

After being referred to Blackpool-based training provider, Training 2000, Luke started a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Business Administration, working across the Organisation and Workforce Development and Employee Relations teams.

Having volunteered in a similar administrational role previously, Luke already had some useful background knowledge in his chosen field, so the qualification proved to be well-suited to his existing skills and interests.

The 14-month Apprenticeship has encouraged Luke to get back on track for success, helping him to gain valuable skills and on-the-job experience such as supporting case workers, course admin and bookings, transcribing interviews and learning computer processes.

“Doing an Apprenticeship has enabled me to work across various teams within the Council, such as Organisation and Workforce Development and Employee Relations, and I am now working as part of the Payroll and HR administration team. Completing the Apprenticeship and having the opportunity to work across several teams has definitely broadened my skillset and future career prospects,” said Luke.

“This Apprenticeship has been a great option for me as I’ve been building up knowledge and skills, gaining qualifications and earning money all at the same time. My communication and time-management has significantly improved and I have a professional understanding of the role and responsibilities of the Council.

“I have enjoyed utilising my IT skills to help others in the office and the Apprenticeship has also helped to boost my confidence in a working environment.”

Cllr Simon Blackburn, Leader of Blackpool Council said: “Here in Blackpool, there is a real and well documented need to get more young people out of the spiral of unemployment and onto the career ladder.

“Apprenticeships are a great way to give young people a taste of work while they continue to learn new skills. Not only does it increase their employment chances but it also helps them grow as an individual.

“Luke has adjusted to working in the Council incredibly well and picked up the requirements of his role quickly. He is a very intelligent young man and sailed through his Apprenticeship and soon began to self-manage his own timescales and workload.”

Gillian Sloane, Career Development Advisor at Training 2000, concluded: “During his Apprenticeship, Luke presented himself as an efficient and dedicated individual who worked well both independently and as part of a larger team. He demonstrated excellent employability skills, attendance and professionalism and we think he will go far in his career.”

Training 2000 and Blackpool Council are currently working together as part of a campaign to create and fill 100 extra Apprenticeships places in just 100 days.

Any businesses who want to find out more about taking on an apprentice can contact Training 2000 by emailing [email protected] or calling 01254 54659.

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