Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Our IMI Accredited Automotive Training Centre in Blackburn offers a clean, modern, multifunctional learning environment which incorporates spacious workshops integrated with the latest technology and interactive training / classrooms.

Level 1 Award (600/0687/0) in Electric Vehicle Awareness

This VRQ has been designed for people (including paramedics and sales staff), who may encounter high voltage vehicles and who require an awareness of their hazards.

This qualification contains the knowledge of the dangers surrounding electric vehicles and the precautions to avoid potential injury. The purpose and aim of the IMI electric vehicle qualifications (VRQs) is to instruct individuals from the retail automotive industry and the public service sector (for example, members of the emergency services, who may attend an accident involving an electric vehicle) in the maintenance, service, and/or handling of electric vehicles.

Level 2 award (600/0526/9) in hybrid electric vehicle operation and maintenance

This level 2 Award is designed for technicians who maintain and repair hybrid technology vehicles (not the actual hybrid system). It contains the knowledge required to work safely around a vehicle’s hybrid system, whilst carrying out repairs or maintenance. On completion of this ‘single unit’ qualification, technicians will have gained knowledge of high voltage hybrid technologies and an understanding of their dangers to meet BSI 10125.

These qualifications could also provide the essential knowledge and skills for members of the emergency services who may attend an accident involving a high voltage hybrid vehicle.

Level 3 award (500/7150/6) in hybrid electric vehicle repair and replacement

This VRQ is for technicians who maintain hybrid vehicles and the hybrid system itself (high voltage system). It contains the knowledge and skills required to work safely in and around the vehicle’s hybrid system.

On completion of this qualification (containing two units), technicians will be able to practically demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills required for repairing vehicles with high voltage hybrid technologies meeting BSI10125 requirements.

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