4 ways hiring an apprentice can revolutionise your business

February 15, 2016

4 Ways how hiring an apprentice can revolutionise your business

Hiring an apprentice has the potential to change your business for the better, with a wealth of positives from growing your workforce in this way. With different apprenticeships, starting with school leavers at 16 right up to young people in their 20’s, there are a range of options to choose from.

We have put together some pointers on how an apprentice can have a positive impact on your organisation.


  1. Driving new ideas & productivity

Learning on the job alongside the studying of a relevant qualification, businesses may be concerned that hiring an inexperienced apprentice might have a negative impact on the businesses productivity as a whole.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, with Populus statistics showing that 76% of businesses said apprentices provided a higher level of productivity – with 81% saying that they increase how productive the company is as a whole.

Hiring an apprentice is also a great way to bring in new ideas and can be a refreshing addition to your overall workforce.

Often learning skills through external training which current staff either do not possess or have not used for a long time, an apprentice can also share their learning with the rest of your employees, benefitting the entire company.


  1. Nurture a loyal workforce

The ability to build a dedicated workforce from the ground up is another great opportunity presented by the hiring of apprentices.

Learning how your company works in-depth will stand them in good stead for building a long term future with the business – working their way up through the levels and potentially increasing the amount of internal promotions – hiring from within.

By nurturing employees and investing in the people who make your business tick not only provides opportunities for apprentices but demonstrates that you care about all of your staff – driving loyalty from the entire workforce.


  1. Filling a skills gap

In some sectors, there is a shortage of candidates with the right skills for certain positions – when employers take on apprentices they are playing an important part in the development of their industry, as well as their business.

Instead of waiting for the right people to join your business, developing and training them yourself gives the unique opportunity for both the organisation and individual to grow and develop together, with the skills needed for the current role alongside future progression part of the learning, both on the job and during any off-site course.


  1. Cost effective investment

It is crucial to think of the short, medium and long term investment which come as part of hiring apprentices. Whilst there is a cost, government grants and incentives are available to help.

Most apprentices pay for themselves within two to four years, depending on the level of apprenticeship which is carried out. Also, with around half of all apprentices planning to stay at the business after completing their training, you’ll likely reap the benefits long into the future.


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