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Former Students Swear Military Oath of Allegiance

March 7, 2016

Family, friends and VIP’s braved snowy conditions on Friday, March 4 to celebrate nine former Training 2000 Military Preparation Programme graduates and their completion of the Oath of Allegiance.

Swearing allegiance to HM The Queen is part of the process for joining the British Army – and The Mayor of Burnley, Burnley MP Julie Cooper and Burnley Council CEO Pam Smith were all present to mark the occasion.

Completing the Training 2000 military course from their Burnley location on Athletic Street, each candidate then has gone on to successfully join the military, showing the value of the course to prospective applicants.

Whilst some were not able to complete their oath due to the weather, they will have the opportunity to do so over the coming weeks.

Lt Col. David Cooke, who has also recently attended Training 2000 Military Preparation Programme ‘passing out’ celebrations, was in attendance at Burnley Town Hall.

Julie Cooper, Burnley MP said: “It was great to be able to celebrate this fantastic achievement with those who have successfully become part of our Armed Forces, and I was really pleased to hear how the Training 2000 military preparation centre in Burnley has helped get these young people to this point.”

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