Famous Former Apprentices – an Apprenticeship Can Take You Places!

April 26, 2017

Famous former apprentices - an apprenticeship can take you places!

By starting an apprenticeship, young people are able to gain hands on experience in the industry of their choice whilst still receiving targeted, career building training – all whilst avoiding the debt that a university degree can bring.

There are so many examples of leaders in their field who started as an apprentice, who offer an inspiration to current and future learners that the sky really is the limit when it comes to starting an apprenticeship.

Here’s just a few examples we have chosen:


Ross Brawn

Before becoming a leading figure in Formula One, Ross Brawn began his working life as an apprentice mechanical engineer for the UK atomic energy authority.


Jim McColl

A Scottish businessman who started as an engineering apprenticeship when leaving school at 16, Jim McColl has become one of the richest men in Scotland through Clyde Blowers PLC which has grown to employ 5,000 people in 27 different countries.


Michael Oliver

After starting on the shop floor, Michael Oliver went on to set up his own engineering business – Oliver Valves, Oliver Valvetek and Oliver Twinsafe now have a turnover over £100m after starting from a garage in Cheshire over 35 years ago.


Even just these three examples showcase how apprenticeships offer an amazing opportunity to become a leader in your chosen industry.

There are also a number of successful apprentices who went on to careers which were not in their original chosen field – highlighting that the experiences from an apprenticeship offer transferable skills which are useful throughout your working life.


Some examples are:

Ringo Starr

Sir Alex Ferguson

Eric Clapton

Michael Caine


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