Employer Statement from Head of Quality & Contracts – Lisa Bloomfield

May 4, 2020

It is vital to us that our Learners still receive the same quality of teaching, learning and support during this difficult time.

Through the use of Microsoft Teams’ we have been able to ensure that apprentices are still engaged and continuing their learning journey through a variety of methods which meet both their individual needs and their job roles.

These activities include live learning sessions with their tutors with individual 1:1 access and support after the learning session has taken place. In some cases these sessions have been recorded so our learners in key worker roles can access them at a time convenient to them. Continuous chat access ensures that our delivery staff can provide on-going advice and support when it is needed.

On-line 1:1 and group sessions are taking place for those learners who are finding the live sessions difficult, where they are being provided with resources and support that guides them though targeted tasks and assignments.

Our CDA’s and Training officers are still providing their expert knowledge and support through One-File, Teams, email and phone calls so that Learners can still progress.

Managers are working with End Point Assessment Organisations to ensure that wherever possible we can facilitate EPAs for those learners coming to the end of their apprenticeship journey.

Please be assured that learning is still being quality checked to ensure that is meets yours and our high expectations.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Learners progress please contact your CDA/TO and they will be happy to advice.

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