Cyber latest: Hackers Spreading Malware Through Pokémon GO

August 3, 2016

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As the popularity of Nintendo’s new Pokémon Go phone app increased through July, UK users attempted to get around the later release data in their area by downloading from 3rd party sites on their Android devices.

However, many malicious versions of the game were included, infecting users’ phones and allowing hackers with backdoor access to their device.

Sarah Green, Training 2000 business manager for cyber security said:

“Too often users forget about the basic principles of staying cyber secure when rushing to access popular content online, forgetting about the fact that hackers use this type of activity to gain access to smartphones, steal information and generally cause havoc.

“Maintaining due diligence and care when downloading anything from the internet is imperative, both on personal devices as well as within a work environment.”

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