COVID19 and Social Distancing – Apprentices – 25/03/20 – 11am

March 25, 2020

May we take this opportunity just to re-assure you that we are continuing to support your apprentices’ learning while your business is operating during this very difficult time. 

We will do all we possibly can to ensure that apprentices will progress in their apprenticeship using remote means, keeping in touch by phone, email and one file.

As you may be  aware, Government places a safeguarding responsibility on ourselves as the training provider to ensure learners on our training programs are safely protected from harm and obviously at present this is more important than ever and respectfully suggest some advice below (which you may already be following.) 

Social distancing is perhaps the strongest control we have according to the government alongside regular hand washing and regular disinfection of surfaces to slow down the impact and reduce the risk from this disease. 

Please can we ask that learners are supervised a little more closely at the moment to ensure social distancing of 2m is achieved and wherever possible regular hand-washing takes place or if not regularly possible , the learners have access to hand gels. 

Travel together in vehicles is difficult and if at all  possible, should be avoided –have such situations been risk assessed if relevant to your business?  

If staff / apprentices have no other option but to travel together then we suggest cleaning /disinfecting  of surfaces in the vehicle regularly and asking drivers and passengers to use hand gel – now more than ever at this stage of the outbreak we urge your risk assessment gives strong consideration  to instructing staff and apprentices to wear protective masks when travelling in vehicles. 

Phil Watson.CFIOSH

Health Safety & Environment Manager

Training 2000 ltd 

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