Corporate Safeguarding Policy


The Company views Safeguarding of paramount importance and an integral part of its operation. This responsibility and commitment is articulated and explained within this Policy and its referenced associated procedures.

The Company is committed to continuously promoting a strong culture where everybody understands the importance of safeguarding and demonstrates this in everything that they do.

This policy document has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of all relevant legislation, and is issued for the direction, guidance and information of all key stakeholders who are included in the scope of this document.


Safeguarding is defined as protecting the health, safety, security and well-being of everyone who is encompassed within the scope of Training 2000’s business in accordance with all relevant legislation, regulations and best practice.


This policy has regards to all key stakeholders which include learners, staff, customers, visitors, contractors, sub contractors, board members, volunteers and anyone working on behalf of Training 2000.

It includes the following safeguarding areas of responsibility:-

• Child Protection
• Security and Data Protection
• Health, Safety, well being and environment
• Selection, Recruitment and Induction
• Equality and Diversity
• Information Communication Technology
• Codes of conduct
• Training and Development

Key Principles

This Policy embodies and is informed by the following key principles:-

• Safeguarding is the responsibility of all.

• Safeguarding is continuously promoted as an integral part of the Company’s culture.

• Regular training and education will be provided to all key stakeholders in the safeguarding policy and procedures.

• Compliance of key stakeholders with all company safeguarding procedures, processes and systems is managed.

• Safeguarding procedures will be continually reviewed, improved and developed.

• There will be utilisation of benchmark technologies in driving safeguarding standards.

Safeguarding Infrastructure

The Company discharges its Corporate responsibility for Safeguarding through the following:-
• Board of Director Meetings (Governance & Audit Sub-committee)
• Group Executive Management Team Meetings
• Health, Safety and Environment Executive Leadership Team
• Safeguarding Steering Group meetings (a subcommittee of the Education & Standards Committee)
• Equality and Diversity Group meetings
• Operational/Functional/Team meetings
• Projects and Working Groups

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities for Safeguarding across and throughout the Company are as follows:-

Board of Directors- Safeguarding Governance

CEO and GEMT- Corporate Safeguarding Strategy and policy review

Designated Senior Person – Child Protection and guidance

Designated Officers

Leadership – Coach, promote, implement and comply

Business Assurance – Guidance and assurance

Human Resources – Recruitment and selection, training and development

Security – Proactive and preventative security

Health, Safety and Environment – Education, advice, guidance, support, reporting and compliance

All Staff – Awareness, conformance and promotion

Sub contractors, visitors, volunteers, customers – Compliance

Learners – Compliance

Employers – Compliance

Information and Training

The Company is committed to ensuring that all corporate training and development needs are identified and addressed proactively through the Corporate Business Planning and Staff Performance Review processes.

Education and information awareness on important Safeguarding issues and matters will be provided on a needs basis to Key Stakeholders, ensuring ongoing compliance with the Company Safeguarding Policy and Procedures and as part of a Safeguarding Corporate Culture.

All Safeguarding training needs solutions and records will be held centrally on the Human Resources Department data base from which requisite reports will be produced in order to inform corporate strategic decision making.

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