CEO and Engineering Apprentices in Job Swap

March 17, 2016

2 male Engineering apprentices and the CEO of Training 2000. They are all in dark blue overalls filing some metal down in the engineering workshop

Two engineering apprentices have taken part in a job swap with Training 2000’s CEO, as the training provider celebrates National Apprenticeship Week.

William and Matthew, both first year apprentices who split their time between the Blackburn engineering centre and their employers, first had the opportunity to attend a management team meeting, where Steve Gray, Training 2000’s CEO, explained to them how the business runs and the role that both he and each company director holds.

Following from this, the apprentices had the opportunity to showcase the work they are doing as part of their apprenticeship, demonstrating how to operate a Universal Milling Machine and demonstrating how to make a steel dice model, something they have learnt during their time at Training 2000.

Training 2000 are currently taking part in the Brathay Apprentice Challenge, with both William and Matthew part of the nine-strong-team. Supported by the National Apprenticeship Service, teams from across the country must carry out work-related challenges to promote the benefits of apprenticeships – developing new skills in the process – with companies such as Microsoft and Virgin Media taking part.

William Said: “The job swap has been a great experience, we’ve been able to learn more about how the rest of Training 2000 operates and also share the skills we have developed during our apprenticeships with the CEO which was really good.”

Matthew added: “This has been a really good experience and something which will be really useful as we carry on with our careers in engineering.”

Steve Gray, Training 2000 CEO said: “It was good to spend some time with William and Matthew, learning about them, the businesses they work for and how they have developed during their apprenticeships with us so far.

It was also interesting to hear what they would like to achieve through the course of their careers, and hopefully this job swap has given them an insight into how a business like Training 2000 runs, which will be really useful for them going forward, and it was great for me being instructed by William and Matthew in operating a Universal Milling machine after my first instruction 36 years ago when I started on my Engineering apprenticeship.”

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