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Regan – Military Preparation Programme

Regan started the programme in January 2014 during a turbulent time in her life.  She was unsure where life was heading and was in a bit if a rut, with no routine or training.

Regan was advised by the Bolton Careers office to attend the Training 2000 Military Preparation Programme to help her get some structure in her life.

We were able to use the interview prior to the course and reviews during the programme to identify a clear need for the learner support was available.

Regan struggled with the fitness and confidence side of the course and it was soon identified that she needed to improve both areas.

She built up her confidence by using the ice breaker sessions, which are a large part of the application process.  She had to talk about herself and also what she wanted as a career within the forces. Her first attempt at this ended in tears and she had to stop early.  However once she had practiced many times in front of various people her self confidence grew.

Her fitness levels in all areas were well below the standards that are expected from the Armed Forces and she had to work extremely hard to improve in her fitness.

She attended Army Selection and passed with an “A” Grade and was offered a job at Harrogate Foundation College and is now an HR Specialist within the Army.


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