Paul – Military Preparation Programme

While Paul attended the Military Preparation Programme he was going through a tough time with other family members and was living with his Auntie as he had a strained relationship with his parents.

He was desperate to gain entry into the Armed Forces and made his application at the Bolton Army Careers office. The Careers Office recommended that he attend the Military Preparation Programme to improve his chances, however there was a problem with his medical and he was deferred and deemed not suitable to enlist.

Paul soon diverted his attention to join his life time ambition and made his application to join the Royal Marine’s.

It was soon identified that Paul would have to improve in all areas and he suddenly began to take course very seriously and put in maximum effort.

His efforts paid off when he was invited to attend PRMC which is the first step to enter as a Marine, he passed and gained entry into the Royal Marines Commando Training which he is still serving.

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