Leon – Plumbing

As with many secondary school students, 16-year-old Leon from Leyland was unsure about whether to study A-Levels or embark on a more hands-on approach.

Thanks to the breadth of courses available from England’s largest Group Training Association, Training 2000, Leon is quickly gaining a wealth of skills and experience on the path to becoming a qualified tradesman.

Having studied both bricklaying and plumbing at Shaftesbury High School in Chorley, Leon chose boilers over bricks in the pursuit of his career.

“Compared to bricklaying, plumbing requires a more diverse set of skills and will provide far better career opportunities in the future,” explained Leon.

Now 17 and living in Blackburn, Leon is currently four months into his Level 2 NVQ in Plumbing, having quickly progressed through his Level 1 qualification.

He attends Training 2000’s purpose-built Construction Training Centre at Higher Croft in Blackburn every Wednesday and Thursday.

“I thrive on the practical element of the course and have learnt a number of the core skills required including hot and cold, central heating, water regulations and pipework fabrication.

“It enables me to see how everything fits together and I’m excited to apply this knowledge to real-life plumbing tasks.”

Leon hopes to progress onto a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Plumbing to further develop his skills and experience.

“This blend of study and work will enable me to benefit from the knowledge and support of other experienced plumbers and develop at a far quicker rate.

“I would advise anyone who is looking to pursue a career in plumbing or the construction industry to follow the same route I did. Gaining both practical abilities and academic achievements is a crucial part of becoming a plumber and will guarantee the most success.”

Fergus Robertson, construction business manager at Training 2000, added: “Leon is such a dedicated, passionate student and it’s great to see the progression that he and all the other trainees make when working towards their qualifications.

“Construction is such a skills focussed industry that its crucial young people acquire the right expertise that sets them apart from the competition. Here at Training 2000, we deliver highly-skilled recruits that help businesses become safer and more profitable.”

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