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Keiron Bennett Training 2000

Barnoldswick’s Kieran is soaring towards a career in aeronautical engineering thanks to an Apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce plc.

After a false start on a degree course in Perth, the 20-year-old decided he would prefer to take a more practical route and opted to relocate to Barnoldswick, where he secured an Apprenticeship.

Twelve months into the qualification, apprentice Kieran attends Training 2000 for off-the-job training as part of his HNC in Manufacturing Engineering.

Kieran, who was brought up in a family of engineers, is 100 per cent certain that he made the right decision. He said: “I would say the Apprenticeship has opened my eyes to see the wider picture of engineering and made me appreciate how much time and money goes into it.

“I get the chance to see every department of the company and learn the skills associated with that department, so it will allow me to decide what aspect on engineering I would like to focus on.

“It also means that, whichever department I choose when I’ve finished my Apprenticeship, I’ll have a clear understanding of how my work affects the rest of the company.”

Kieran’s route to his chosen career has not always been easy. Unfortunately missing out on the grades he wanted in his Highers (A-levels) in Scotland and, rather than continuing at school, moved to Perth College where he later began a degree course in aeronautical engineering.

He said: “I mainly learn by doing things, so having the opportunity to learn how a job is done by getting your hands dirty, and not simply by reading pieces of paper, suited me perfectly.

“The initial part of my qualification at Training 2000 allowed me to understand the basic principles of machining and manufacturing parts. It meant that when I returned to Rolls-Royce I wasn’t completely lost.

“I’m also paid and I continue with my education as well – two big perks. Being an apprentice is exciting and you gain so many different skills that will come in handy throughout your career.”

David Fisher, key business apprentice development leader with Rolls-Royce plc, added: “Rolls-Royce is committed to recognising and developing high calibre students into high value-added careers within the Engineering and Manufacturing Sectors.

“The Higher Apprenticeship programme, which Kieran is completing at the Barnoldswick Facility is an excellent opportunity to develop engineering skills through a high competency level 4 programme.

“We see the Higher Apprenticeship programme, along with the Level 2 to 5 Apprenticeship programmes as an integral part of Rolls-Royce future. We believe our programmes have been developed to inspire our trainees to be highly competent engineers of the future.”

Kieran added: “Once I’ve finished my Apprenticeship I plan to continue working for Rolls-Royce and would love to be involved with their other sites around the world.”

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