Chloe – Military Preparation Programme

Chloe started with Training 2000 on the Military Preparation Programme in May 2013 with no application to the Armed Forces. All she knew was she enjoyed sports at school.

Chloe’s initial assessment showed that she lacked confidence and self-esteem and by her own admission ‘had an attitude’ at school which was her defence mechanism to hide her low self-esteem and lack of confidence in her ability.

Chloe immediately became a different person when she put on her uniform for the first time and she said she felt a sense of ‘belonging’ being surrounded by like-minded people. Through encouragement from her instructors and utilising her strengths to build on her weaknesses, Chloe took part in team building ‘command tasks’ and the ‘duty student’ role, which develops a young person’s leadership, communication and confidence and flourished quickly making her application to the Army.

Chloe said she felt the variety of the programme was what helped her as no two days were the same and how she was ‘buddied up’ with another learner at the start really helped her confidence.

Chloe has recently passed out of phase one training and is due to start her role specific phase two training in the Royal Army Medical Corps as a Combat Medical Technician.

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