What is it like being a tutor at Training 2000?

Male apprentices and a tutor working in the automotive workshop in overalls and safety glasses

“The great thing about being a tutor is that no day is the same. I train a wide range of people from school leavers to automotive technicians who need to renew their qualifications, all of which have different needs and different teaching methods. My role is varied and the ability to multi-task is vital, I am a tutor so I teach a range of qualifications including Mechanical and Auto-electrician courses to groups of around 12 students at a time but I also assess apprenticeships so I need to assess apprentices on their competency to do tasks, spot faults as well as develop their skills to take back into the workplace. I also teach commercial classes in MET for accredited qualifications so as a tutor you really need to be able to speak to a variety of different people from different backgrounds. As a tutor you need to be organised and have the ability to prioritise your workload; from pre work, lesson plans, setting up workshops, setting up faults to delivering and supporting your students; you need to be in control of what you are doing. I have worked at Training 2000 for 7 years and my next challenge is working with online training portfolios which have traditionally been paper based, I am really looking forward to this new tool as it means all my training plans and assessments will be in one place that I can access anywhere. My advice to someone looking at being a tutor at Training 2000 is that you need to be very patient, very well organised and flexible- you get to be involved in different projects that a generic tutor would not normally get involved in which is great as you get to experience different things every day.

The best part of the job? When a student achieves their qualification or diagnosis a fault on a vehicle correctly- all their hard work pays off and it is great to experience”


Michael Fernandes- Automotive Tutor

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