Real Life Story: Laura

Laura started her apprenticeship after two years of study with a sixth form college. She applied for her job at Ghyllmount Dental Practice and then began her apprenticeship in order to learn and develop her knowledge and skills whilst she worked in a busy environment.

Through completing this apprenticeship Laura has discovered in interest in oral surgery and is planning on developing into this field. Laura states that the three most useful skills that she has learned during this process are working well under pressure, flexibility and good communication.

When asked if she would recommend Apprenticeships she said “Yes, apprenticeships are a great way of learning. Not only do you gain a qualification by completing written work and examinations, but you are able to learn skills on the go in a busy working environment, which will aid you in every day jobs of the role.”

When asked if there was anything unexpected included in her apprenticeship “I have not only completed my training to become a dental nurse but I have also completed CPR training, broadened my knowledge on patients with dementia and autism and how to make coming for appointments as relaxed and comfortable as possible for them. I have been given training on how to recognise and manage stress in the workplace.”

Real Life Story: David

David left college after realising his first year wasn’t taking him in the direction that he wanted to go in.

He decided to complete a Business Admin Traineeship here at Training 2000 in order to continue onto his Level 2 AAT course. These courses were great for David as he is a hands on learner and benefited from the immediate work experience that was on offer.

David works at East Lancashire Hospital Trust in a Finance role and the AAT Apprenticeship has helped him in gaining a deeper understanding of his contributions and role within his workplace.

David is now commencing his Level 4 with plans to complete CIMA and become a Chartered Accountant.

Real Life Story: Michael

Michael first began his Accounting Apprenticeship back in November 2015 after completing his A-Levels and deciding University was not the route for him. Training providers such as Training 2000 visited his school and this is an aspect that helped him to decide on completing an Apprenticeship. This education route was also appealing to Michael as it meant that he could remain living at home close to his family.

Throughout his Apprenticeship, Michael has gained technical knowledge that has helped him to excel within his workplace.

When asked about his plans for the future, Michael said that ‘his Apprenticeship has helped to push him into wanting to become a Chartered Accountant’.

Michael also pointed out that he would most definitely recommend Apprenticeship schemes as you are gaining similar qualifications as going to University would give you however, you are also gaining that invaluable work experience that many, if not all employers are looking for.

Real Life Story: Sumiya

Sumiya started her Apprenticeship in 2016, after completing a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social care. She initially decided to complete an Apprenticeship as one of her friends had suggested it to her. Once she was aware of the pathway however, the availability of progression was a deal maker when it came to deciding her educational future.

This led her to successfully apply for a position at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT). Throughout her employment here, Sumiya has benefited from her Apprenticeship qualifications as they have helped her to gain a promotion within the first 12 months of being there!

When discussing her placement, Sumiya said that ‘continuing my apprenticeship and gaining further qualifications, will mean even more opportunities at ELHT in a business support role. By combining experience and education, I am looking to work towards my goal of becoming a Business Manager within the Trust’.

When asked is she would recommend the Apprenticeship scheme to other, it was an adamant yes. She said that it is an excellent alternative to college and university, because you are earning as well as gaining the same qualification in the end.

Real Life Story: Jake

Jake completed his Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship in Engineering Technical Support whilst in employment at Steel Dynamics, Blackburn.

The earning whilst learning aspect was extremely appealing to Jake once he has finished High School. Looking back,he acknowledges that all of his knock backs in interviews had prepared him for the more suited position at Steel Dynamics.

Jake says that he would recommend an Apprenticeship to ‘everyone as you are gaining your qualifications alongside valuable work experience. This career paths helped me to mature and grow in independence’.

This Apprenticeship has helped Jake to use his initiative in certain situations as well as growing as a person and as part a of team. This has been the experience of many Apprentices across the programme.

Real Life Story: Preston City Council

Three apprentices from Preston City Council and Harris Museum are celebrating the successful completion of their Level 2 Customer Services apprenticeships. Not only that but they are the first three to complete the new style of apprenticeships since the Apprenticeship Reforms were introduced in May 2017.

On completion of their apprenticeship, Charlotte and Abigail have been offered full time positions within the company, and Liya has progressed and is now studying for her Master’s Degree.

Jonny, a Training 2000 Career Development Advisor said, “I am so proud of my learners and all that they have achieved throughout their apprenticeships. Not only that, but two of them also obtained distinctions in their end results which shows the high standards they set themselves and were able to achieve. Preston City Council is a very supportive employer who consistently employ apprentices throughout the business and are a great ambassador for apprenticeships.”

Steph, the Learning and Development manager for Preston City Council added, “The 3 apprentices have worked very hard to achieve this qualification. It is great for us as an organisation to see the progress the apprentices make and for them to go on to bigger and better things.”

Real Life Story: Joanne

Joanne aged 50 started the Dental Nursing Apprenticeship with low self-esteem and confidence. She was showing fantastic abilities and qualities of a Dental Nurse and was enjoying her role within the practice. With good feedback on assessment and good exam results from her Dental exams and Functional Skills, Joanne’s confidence started to grow.

Joanne passed all her exams with flying colours and she started to believe in her ability to complete the qualification. She started to think about her future. Her daughter moved to Guernsey and on visiting fell in love with the Country.

Joanne recently informed us that on her last visit to Guernsey she had completed an interview with the local hospital for the position of a Dental Nurse with accommodation provided. She has just had the news she has been successful!

The changes in Joanne within 18 months has been amazing to see and it feels very satisfying to think that Training 2000 have been part of this positive change and impact on Joanne’s life.

Joanne commented “Training 2000 and Emma my assessor were very supportive and provided lots of encouragement throughout. Overall it has been a fantastic experience!”

Real Life Story: Bradley

Bradley began his Business Admin Apprenticeship at Avondale Primary School after his first year at college wasn’t what he had planned or had expected.

He realised that he would be able to better himself in an environment where you learn by doing. He saw this Apprenticeship as an opportunity to gain skills and qualifications whilst also earning a wage.

Through completing this Apprenticeship, Bradley said that he has “learned how to be more organised as well as bettering his communication skills within a working environment”. He pointed out that he has benefited from making new connections within his company which has in turn helped him to secure a permanent position following the completion of this Apprenticeship.

Bradley would recommend our Apprenticeships to others because “they provide experience in a working environment, help to develop skills and build on new ones.”

Real Life Story: Taylor

Taylor completed her Dental Nursing Apprenticeship in 2016 and knew from day one that she wanted to progress into the Dental Industry and become a Dental Hygienist and Therapist. This decisiveness was helped by the fact that she had already been in a surgery placement for six months prior.

As she enjoyed the work set for her throughout her Apprenticeship, she was always extremely prompt in completing and returning her assignments.

Taylor said “I am so thankful for the training that I received from Emma and Training 2000 and I would 100% recommend the Dental Nursing Apprenticeship to anyone who is determined to make it into the Dental Nursing Industry.”

Real Life Story: Justina

Justina started her Business Apprenticeship at Inspired Energy in Kirkham in October 2017.

Her brilliant attitude to work has helped in the overcoming of challenges throughout her journey as an Apprentice immensely. Justina has always taken feedback on board and then strived to improve in any way that she can. She has been committed, driven and put her all into her professional portfolio.

Justina’s standard of work both at Training 2000 and within her company position has been exceptional. She has managed to secure a permanent position in her company on the back of this and is now looking at what else she can do to progress within the company, including more qualifications.

Justina has become the first Business Admin Level 3 Apprentice on the new Standards at Training 2000 to go through her End Point Assessment (EPA) process, from which she received distinctions across the board. Justina’s Tutor Nicola had nothing but praise and said “It has been a pleasure working with her as her drive and commitment to both her Apprenticeship and her work have been admirable.”

Justina added “Training 2000’s teaching methods were really unique to each individual and therefore supplemented what I was learning in the workplace really well. From this course, I have acquired and strengthened many skills including my ability to present and hold an interview with the newly discovered confidence I achieved through Nicola’s guidance.”

Real Life Story: Daisy Communications

Daisy is a leading independent unified communications provider, providing business broadband, VoIP, telephone systems and IT solutions throughout the UK. The company plans are to focus on succession planning and ensuring Daisy, as an employer, has a talent pipeline to retain, grow and attract individuals to ensured continued business growth. Their vision is to drive training through new recruits and upskilling the existing workforce across the group nationwide in an ever rapid changing environment.

They chose infrastructure apprenticeships due to the growth of the ICT industry and demand with a lack of skilled workforce for the future.

The apprentices will become highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals with formal qualifications which will make them trained professionals within their roles. These individuals could be the managers of the future.

Apprenticeships also re-motivate and rejuvenate others with innovative ideas to drive the business forward.

Overall there will be increased performance  and it will encourage talent growth and allowing time away from the job to study will prove the worth in the long term investment.

Suzanne Winslow, Daisy’s Group Apprenticeship Manager said:

“The apprenticeship levy has brought fantastic opportunities to develop our existing workforce. This is the first cohort of 8 infrastructure technicians and all is going well. This course has been designed to develop and challenge their existing knowledge. The learners will obtain some fantastic industry recognised qualifications.”

Ian Ford a Senior Engineer at Daisy Communications added:

“I’ve been with the group for 18 years, and I’ve always looked at ways of how to progress and better myself.  When the Apprenticeship opportunity came along I jumped at the chance!  Five fantastic modules over a two year period, a real opportunity to upskill and take myself to the next level.  The other apprentices have been great and incredibly supportive; a real team ethic supported by the Managers and Training 2000”.

Shaun Lang, Associate Engineer/ IT Field Engineer/ Retail Break and Fix Engineer, said:

“This course is very interesting and I am able to learn lots of new things. The course is appropriate to the industry in which I work but also the future of the industry. Taking part in this programme already makes me want to learn more and more. Very happy.”

Rowena Brough, Business Manager at Training 2000 stated:” Daisy has provided excellent opportunities to upskill their workforce which we are proud to deliver the training for.”

Real Life Story: Mohammed

Engineering apprentice Mohammed has had an excellent start to his career thanks to employer Chubb Systems and his Apprenticeship with Training 2000.

Mohammed chose an Apprenticeship with Chubb Systems because it gave him the option to try out different engineering roles within the business before deciding which one was best suited to him. This gave him a wide range of experience and knowledge. He is currently learning how to code so that he’s able to create web based databases.  He has future aspirations to learn the C# (C Sharp) programming language.

An Apprenticeship has been the perfect start to Mohammed’s career and he’s recently been asked if he’d like to study for a Degree Apprenticeship, which he is very pleased about.

Mohammed would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship to other people. He says “Not only do you get valuable practical experience through the training delivered by the company you also gain academic qualifications delivered by professional training organisations.  I am fully supported by mentors at Chubb Systems and Training 2000.  A bonus is – you get paid to do it too!”

Mohammed’s Manager, Barton, at Chubb Systems only has praise for him: “Mohammed has been a great advert for employing an apprentice.  He is unfailingly enthusiastic and keen to learn.  On a recent task one of his responsibilities was to liaise with various Field Service Engineers to complete aspects of the very technical job he had been assigned.  One of these Engineers later called up on an unrelated matter and during the conversation asked who Mohammed was, because he had found him to be ‘switched on and helpful’.  The Service Engineer was amazed to hear he had been dealing with a year 3 apprentice.  Mohammed is bright, mature and keen to progress and is willing to work hard to get where he wants to be.  He volunteers for tasks, takes pride in his work and will make a competent future Junior Engineer.  Mohammed has a bright future ahead of him and we are all working together on getting him to where we all want him to be.”

Real life story: Declan

Declan started his Accountancy Apprenticeship at the East Lancashire Hospitals Trust when he was 18.

In the first year of his Apprenticeship he worked in Management Accounts. The following year Declan moved into the Medicine and Community Division to give him experience of clinical areas.

Declan’s manager Philip only has praise for him and said “Declan’s professional manner and his understating of financial processes have made him an asset in our department. Working alongside non-finance managers Declan has a passion for not only helping them understand their financial responsibilities but also taking a key interest in their services. His work ethic and academic achievements have put him of the right path for a successful career in NHS Finance.”

Declan added “I have loved my Apprenticeship and the opportunity that Trust has given me. The real life situation that my apprenticeship has given me is invaluable. The experience and responsibility has enabled me to excel in the finance sector.”

Real life story: Alex

Alex started his apprenticeship straight from school. An apprenticeship was the perfect way for him to get the qualifications to fast track his career. His first substantive role at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust was working in the Income and Contracting Team and his work ethic made it very easy for the team to give him a lot more responsibility.

Alex’s manager, Ruth, said “Alex has proved himself during the last three years that he has worked within the team; he has worked hard to develop his skills and has proved to be a quick learner always eager to take on new roles and responsibilities.”

Alex passed all his AAT Level 4 exams first time, completed his Business Skills ahead of target and is aiming to be the youngest qualified in CIMA in the Trust.

Alex said “When I left school I had no idea where my Apprenticeship would take me. It is with thanks to my employer that I have achieved so much in such a short space of time. An apprenticeship was definitely the perfect choice for me. I got to learn on the job while gaining qualifications as well as being paid. I’m really hoping I become the youngest person for the NHS Trust to be qualified for CIMA, it will be a great achievement.”


Traie – Work Expereince

Traie started a work placement at Kitchener 2000. This was only ever going to be a work experience for Traie to add to his CV. On his first day Traie’s bus didn’t turn up, so he walked the 3.5 miles to Kitchener 2000 and was only 5 mins late! Things only got better for Traie as the feedback came back of his outstanding attitude and general work ethic.  So much so that Kitchener 2000 made a position for him to become an employed member of staff.

“My course at Training 2000 has been very helpful all the staff there were very helpful, kind and always there for me. Thanks to Edd for finding me a placement which I really enjoyed. I really recommend Training 2000 for anyone who wants to start working.”

For more information on how our ‘Steps’ to Success course can help you get one step ahead call us on 01254 54659

Martha – Military Preparation Programme

Martha is 16. She left school and went straight into a job but she decided that she wanted a challenge so joined the Military Preparation Programme.

“I would recommend this course as it has improved my fitness and helped me achieve the right academic qualifications needed for my job. I start my basic training as a Combat Medical Technician soon!”

Joshua – Military Preparation Programme

Joshua is 16 and lives in Blackpool, before he started the Military Preparation Programme he was studying electronics.

“Joining this programme has helped me with my fitness, discipline and given me a brand new outlook on life which I am very grateful for. I start my basic training for the Army in March.”

Kris gets gold

Kris came out on top and brought the gold Medal in CNC turning at the World Skills UK competition.

Kris said: “I didn’t think that I’d done well enough to win as the competition as is so tough, but I was so happy when they announced my name as the gold winner. I can’t wait to start training for Squad UK”

Declan works hard to gain an apprenticeship

“Declan was on work experience for 6 weeks at Lancashire Windscreen. During his trial Declan learnt the process of taking out and fitting vehicle windscreens.

Lancashire Windscreens were so impressed with Declan, they offered him an apprenticeship.”

Zainab’s hard work pays off

Zainab started a work trail at the charity Global Rahmah.
While on her work placement Zainab helped with fundraising for refugees in Rohingya Bangladesh. She has been dealing with phone enquiries, paperwork chasing, and donation handling. While Zainab was on her last week of her trial she was offered an Apprenticeship.”

Charlie: Work Experience to Apprenticeship

“Charlie has had a 2 week trial at ‘Lancashire Saw’ where he was shown different equipment and learnt new skills such as using the Blade Shaper.

After a successful trial Charlie has been offered an Apprenticeships. Well done Charlie.”

Sol’s Work Experience

“Sol has always wanted to work with cars in any capacity but hadn’t managed to again any work experience. With Training 2000’s help Sol gained a work placement at Bradley MOT centre in Nelson.

He is helping with MOTs and fitting tires. This work placement is giving Sol the chance to learn new skills and add to his CV.”

Finishing First

We were contacted by Training 2000 to help a young person by giving them the opportunity of a work placement with the possibility leading on to an apprenticeship.  We interviewed and took one of the leaners on a 5 week placement. The whole process has been great. We’ve seen that Scott is very reliable, hardworking, and keen to learn. This has been risk free for us as a small company. We didn’t want to take someone on a contract and find out he/she didn’t match up to our high standards. 

Brent –  Owner, Finishing First

Voltek Automation Ltd

At Voltek Automation Ltd we were looking to employ an apprentice in our admin department. Training 2000 Ltd gave us the opportunity to take on a prospective candidate on a work experience. This is working out to be a tremendous idea as it gives the candidate a flavour of their prospective work environment, future colleagues and the type of work they will be doing.  As an employer it gives us a chance to observe the candidate in a real work situation and asses their suitability, aptitude and ability.

Javed Iqbal

Voltek Automation Ltd

Frankie – Engineering

Frankie first found out about engineering while she was in year 8 at high school. She came to an event at Training 2000 that was aimed at getting girls into engineering and joined our Saturday morning club when she was in year 11. Since then she knew that a career in engineering was for her!

“It’s good that they still do engineering for girls day, as that’s what brought me into engineering and hopefully it will get more females interested.

I would recommend an engineering apprenticeship, but it’s not an easy option! But it does mean that you have got a job at the end unlike going to university”

Watch Frankie’s video here.

Lesley Builds Business Career Though Apprenticeship

After starting a business admin apprenticeship working at Baxter Life Training and studying at Training 2000, Lesley has gained vital skills which will help her career go from strength to strength.

After accepting the exciting opportunity, Lesley has learnt crucial skills and knowledge including working with a team, building confidence and learning about how a company such as Baxter Life works.

By starting an apprenticeship, Lesley has been able to balance getting the knowledge needed to boost her career growth whilst also achieving industry recognised qualifications.

Colleagues have commented that Lesley has really progressed during the Level 2 apprenticeship, is extremely observant and always willing to go above and beyond.

Lesley reiterated this whilst encouraging others to follow a similar path, saying:

“I would recommend apprenticeships to other young people because I think it is a fantastic opportunity to better yourself, but also gain knowledge and a qualification on the job.”

Business Admin Apprentice Steers Career in Right Direction

A business admin apprentice who works in Training 2000’s automotive department has talked about how he is enjoying his role and why he chose an apprenticeship to kick-start his career.

Ben, 18, applied for an apprenticeship after realising College was not for him – he wanted to be mainly based in the workplace but also gain new skills and knowledge which would build his future career prospects.

First starting on a business admin traineeship at Training 2000 due to doing well in his time studying business communications at school, Ben then applied for three apprenticeship roles – and received an offer for each.

Accepting the position at Training 2000 because he felt that the wide variety of work offered a lot of experience for career growth and learning new things, Ben has enjoyed building relationships in the workplace as well as the classroom.

He has also excelled in his course, completing his level 2 work well ahead of schedule and now is completing his level 3.

Ben said:

“Getting qualified and earning a wage at the same time really appealed to me – I didn’t want to just be in a classroom, I wanted to gain experience in the workplace.”

View our current apprenticeship vacancies by clicking here.

Praise for Automotive Training Courses

Training 2000’s automotive department has received praise from a customer for their support and training delivery.

The Karl Vella Group, based across the North of England, have placed staff onto several of the training courses offered by the expert team – such as Senior MET, Senior Panel, Senior Paint, VDA and Hybrid Vehicles level 2.

Talking about the benefits of using Training 2000, the business – which opened its first bodyshop in 1986 – they said that employees are kept up to date with new methodology and technology, which can lead to increased efficiencies in processes. They also have a sense of job satisfaction which can increase morale.

Helen Driscoll, HR Manager from Karl Vella Group said:

“Training 2000 provide all the courses we require to meet the standards set by BS 10125. They are always informative and professional. Whatever your needs are they will try to deliver.

“We have used Training 2000 for a number of years, and find them to be very efficient, quick to respond and understanding of the needs of our business.”

Get in touch with our automotive team on 01254 54659 or message to discuss how they can support your business.

Amy Gains Career Spark Through Training 2000 HNC

An apprentice has talked about how she is benefiting from studying the Level 4 engineering HNC at Training 2000 as a continuation from her apprenticeship.

Amy, who works at Chubb Systems, wanted to complete the HNC as it is a recognised qualification which allows you to open more doors in relation to your career.

Whilst studying for the Higher National Certificate at the training provider’s Blackburn site, Amy has directly taken skills and knowledge learnt so far back into the workplace, particularly the electrical and mechanical aspects.

By studying this valuable and challenging qualification, Amy is able to build towards completing a degree in electrical and mechanical engineering – whilst taking the skills that form part of the level 4 course straight into the workplace, all whilst earning a wage.

Amy added:

“I would recommend completing your HNC course at Training 2000 as the tutors have your best interest at heart and want you to succeed – the course is very interesting and you can relate it to your job.”

Are you looking to complete your Level 4 Engineering HNC? Get in touch with us by calling 01254 54659 or emailing [email protected].

We also have a range of apprenticeship vacancies for anyone looking for to find their future and learn new skills whilst in work – apply today.

Richard Progresses Scaffolding Career

An apprentice has built up his career in the scaffolding industry through an apprenticeship with Training 2000.

Starting at Speedier Scaffolding in 2015, once he was offered the chance to undergo his NVQ Level 2 he felt he could not pass the opportunity up.

Richard said:

I enjoy the physical and technical challenges scaffolding brings to my working day. It’s a good industry to be a part of with the strict requirements onsite.

I enjoy the graft we put in and the complexity around the jobs we erect whilst onsite. I began my training in October 2015 and can’t fault it!

Once I’ve completed my courses I want to progress onto my advance training, maybe even supervisor courses and venture into owning my own business one day!

“I can’t thank my instructor enough, he has been attentive to my learning needs and is always helpful when I ask for something. I would recommend Training 2000 Ltd to anyone who would like to get into the construction industry. All the staff are ace, really friendly and make college an enjoyable place to be!”

If you would like to learn more about our scaffolding courses, please click here or get in contact with us on 01254 54659 and [email protected].

Finance Apprenticeship ‘Multiplies’ Emma’s Career Progression

When looking to build her skills, Emma knew that getting into work straight away through an apprenticeship was the best way for her to grow her accountancy career – and since completing her apprenticeship has continued to progress.

Starting in 2011 at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT) where she still works today, Emma has a clear plan for developing her career from the very start:

“I knew I didn’t want to go to university, but I did want to further my education. Apprenticeships seemed like a no-brainer, as I would be learning and earning without getting into any student loan debt, while increasing my work experience.”

During the apprenticeship, Emma was part of the Training 2000 team that won a bronze medal at the 2013 World Skills Show Accounting Technician competition, and was shortlisted for the GTA Apprentice of the Year awards 2014.

Emma is keen to recommend the apprenticeship route to anyone thinking about a career in finance:

“There are hundreds of different courses provided through the apprenticeship route, so almost all professions can be entered this way.

“It makes sense to attend a course that is already paid for, earning money and gaining valuable on-the-job experience.”

Since finishing her apprenticeship, Emma went on to study Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and earlier in 2017 passed the final exam.

Click here to take a look at our current accounting apprenticeship job vacancies and apply online.

Jordan hitting heights with scaffolding apprenticeship

After starting a scaffolding apprenticeship, Jordan has gone from strength to strength – gaining praise from his employer and Training 2000’s team of scaffolding experts.

He moved into his current role after hearing about it through a family friend, and hasn’t looked back since.

Jordan has always seen himself as a hands on learner and this has meant choosing to build his career through a scaffolding apprenticeship has seen him excel – both on site and on the course.

Jordan said:

“This course itself is really enjoyable, the instructors take their time to teach you and always ensure you understand what’s needed. After my apprenticeship I eventually want to become a charge hand and complete my advance, and then possibly go into teaching.

“I would recommend apprenticeships, you might have longer in centre but you get more time to take everything in. It’s great that you’re learning and earning and doing something you actually love!”

Kevin Wimbles, Contracts Manager at CWR Scaffolds added:

“Jordan is a polite, considerate and accommodating young man. He liaises well with site agents and fellow colleagues. He follows instructions and procedures which he has been asked to carry out and informs CWR Scaffolds Ltd of any variations of tasks when he arrives on site.

Jordan relishes going on his apprenticeship courses. He has attained all his evidence with a year still remaining. Going forward with the attributes Jordan has already shown, I cannot see any reasons why Jordan would not make an excellent charge hand.”

If you would like to learn more about our scaffolding apprenticeship, please click here or get in touch via the contact form.

Christie’s career growth supported through scaffolding apprenticeship

Christie started his scaffolding career journey in 2015, and soon after was asked by his employer Lenehan Scaffolding if he would like to complete an NVQ Level 2 apprenticeship.

He jumped at the opportunity and is really enjoying both the job role and the course.

Christie said:

The atmosphere at work is great, I get along with all the other scaffolders. Once I finish this course I hope to do my Advance course and Inspection courses because I enjoy being a part of the industry and the routes of progression are endless.

I would like to thank all of the staff at Training 2000 Ltd, even when I have moved around on groups I have always felt included and accommodated by my instructors and always got on with the other trainees. I couldn’t ask more of a college, I wish everyone at Training 2000 Ltd all the best.

Christie’s instructor said “Christie has settled in really well to this new group and is really taking things in. Well done Christie, keep up the good work.  

If you would like to learn more about our scaffolding apprenticeship, please click here or get in touch via the contact form.

Alex Takes Apprenticeship Route for Accounting Career Growth

Former apprentice Alex has talked about how progressing through an accountancy apprenticeship provided him with the opportunity to rapidly grow his career.

Training 2000 found Alex his placement and alongside his employer Brownlows Accountants helped him develop and grow his skills and knowledge.

Alex was keen to go down the AAT apprenticeship route as he knew that the qualification was respected within accountancy and he would be able to gain a mixture of skills by learning at the Training 2000’s Blackburn centre whilst also building in-work experience and making a real contribution.

Alex said:

“I would definitely recommend apprenticeships to young people as you are able to earn a wage, gain essential work experience as well as a relevant qualification”

In more great news, Alex recently won 1st prize in my ACA Tax Compliance exam in the North West.

For more information on our accountancy apprenticeships, click here.

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Alex Praises Apprenticeships After Engineering World Skills Medal

Engineering apprentice Alex has recommended apprenticeships as a fantastic way to gain key career skills – after achieving a mechanical engineering bronze medal at the national World Skills competition.

Starting straight from school at 16, Alex didn’t want to go down the College and University route and was keen to learn whilst in work.

Alex learn quickly an appreciation and understanding of various disciplines and principles such as wiring and testing, milling, turning and fitting – before completing a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in manufacturing and a BTEC Level 4 HNC Diploma in Mechanical Engineering on day release.

Alex said: “These qualifications gave me a better understanding of the academic side of engineering, covering units such as a mechanical principles, engineering materials and many more.”

This experience both on-the-job and within College has helped Alex in his career development, and he added: “The training helped me in my job because it meant I had more of an understanding of why aspects of the design need to be a certain way and the benefits and limitations with regards to certain features on new and current designs.”

Extremely keen to promote apprenticeships as a strong option for other young people, Alex said: “I think that apprenticeships are a great way of learning new skills, gaining qualifications and on the job experience.

“Apprenticeships also offer the chance to build a large network with other students, colleagues and engineering bodies such as the IMechE.

“This in turn allows you to seek guidance and receive knowledge from industry experts and learn more about engineering.”

Click here to learn more about the range of apprenticeships on offer within engineering, and get in touch.

John-Robbie ‘Engineers’ World Skills Win

World Skills UK medal winner John-Robbie has talked to us about why an apprenticeship was the right decision for him.

First considering going down the university route, John-Robbie then decided that he wanted to learn a trade whilst in work – so the apprenticeship route was perfect for him.

He added that time management, communication and working with colleagues to make sure jobs are done on time are amongst the many skills he has learnt during the 4 ½ years he has spent as an apprentice.

He has also enjoyed working with other apprentices and managing a workload to deliver in good time.

John-Robbie also encouraged others to take the apprenticeship route, saying:

“Apprenticeships are the best way to start your working career”

Training 2000’s grade one engineering facilities are industry leading, developing 1000’s of apprentices over decades of apprenticeship and business training.

If you would like to learn more about the range of apprenticeships we have available across engineering, business, finance, dental and scaffolding, click here.

Learner ‘Brushes Up’ with Dental Diploma

A Training 2000 learner has successfully qualified with flying colours as a dental nurse.

Emma completed her diploma in dental nursing, meeting all targets and going above and beyond the criteria.

She said that the course allowed her to manage the workload well, and focus on each individual assignment.

Praising her experience, Emma said:

“My relationship with my tutor was very good and I was able to discuss anything I was worried about.

“After working as a dental nurse for a long time training 2000 really helped me finally reach my goal and become qualified.”

Emma has now qualified as a dental nurse – and was awarded a distinction by Training 2000 for her excellence.

For more information on the dental nursing courses we offer, call 01254 54659 or email [email protected].

Taylor benefits from Dental Nursing Course

A learner has benefited from Training 2000’s dental nursing team – praising the course and her tutor after managing to complete the programme within 1 year.

Taylor, 21, had already been in surgery for 6 months prior to enrolling, and with the help of the dental team it was agreed that the aim would be to complete within 12 months.

Working closely with tutor Emma, Taylor took on the work at a fast pace – Taylor said:

“Emma was really patient with me and made it possible to complete the course within 1 year.”

Encouraging others with an interest in dentistry to get their teeth into Training 2000’s industry-leading course, Taylor added:

“I would recommend to any student who is determined to pass the dental nursing course.”

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Accountancy Apprenticeship ‘Adds up’ for Serena


After excelling within an accounting apprenticeship, Serena has discussed her experiences which have led her to complete her course and how she has developed her skills within the workplace.

Starting in 2014, Serena has since completed AAT Level 2, 3 and 4 within her apprenticeship whilst working at Future Technology Services Ltd, based in Blackpool.

Serena made the decision to go down the apprenticeship route as she was keen to learn new skills whilst in work.

She added, “The idea that I could gain a qualification and also gain experience on the job seemed more appealing to me than just having the qualification.”

Gaining experience whilst also gaining new skills provided the opportunity for Serena to build an understanding behind the tasks she was carrying out as part of her role and take ideas from the classroom directly back to her employer.

Serena has combined her professional achievements with a passion for music, singing

Keen to encourage other young people to take up an apprenticeship, Serena said:

“I would definitely recommend apprenticeships to other young people as you are able to gain real-life work experience in the field you are studying whilst also gaining a qualification.”

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Scaffolding Apprentice Supported in Building Business Career

A former Training 2000 apprentice is celebrating after achieving two milestones in her career development.

Laura has worked at the North West training provider for nearly 5 years, gaining her Level 2, 3 and now 4 in business administration – and also earned her Higher Level Diploma in Business & Professional Administration within the Business Skills Sector in June this year.

Starting her apprenticeship rotating between different departments in the business, Laura then settled into the scaffolding team where she stayed for the duration of her learning – and still works in the team following after passing her qualifications as a valued member of the Training 2000 team.

Laura has repeatedly been recognised for her achievements throughout her apprenticeship, named twice as ‘Apprentice of the Year’ by Training 2000 staff, and also was part of a 5-strong team which won a national competition to come up with innovative ideas for digital work-based learning.

Talking about how an apprenticeship has benefitted her career journey, Laura said:

“Doing an apprenticeship provided me with a range of skills as well as building my confidence, it has taught me it’s not always a bad thing to challenge your ability. Learning the new technical skills within the diverse environment has created a solid platform for my career and personal development.

“My advice to the students receiving their exam results this summer is to invest time in research. You need to find a profession that you enjoy and are passionate about. There are so many ways to train nowadays for people like me who didn’t want to go down the university route, Apprenticeships are an excellent alternative to sixth form/ university and the fact that I will have no student debt is a very attractive in the current economic conditions.”

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Isaac Takes Steps to Success and Builds Engineering Career

A young person from Blackburn has secured an engineering apprenticeship after completing the Steps to Success programme at Training 2000.

After attending an open day earlier in the year, Isaac applied for the programme which helps those looking for an apprenticeship or other job role increase their key skills in maths, english and general employability.

Increasing in confidence throughout, Isaac made very good progress and due to his interest in engineering he was put forward for a 2 week work placement at Lancashire Saw, who are based in Blackburn.

Excelling during his placement, Isaac showed he was a team player and really grew into the role. After successfully completing the placement, Isaac was offered an apprenticeship, which he has recently started.

Isaac said:

“It has been a great journey for me, developing my skills and confidence – I can’t wait to continue my career journey with my employer and also continue my learning with Training 2000.”

David Ball at Lancashire Saw added:

“We saw great potential in Isaac during his placement, and were delighted to be able to take him on as an apprentice after he became a member of the team so quickly.

“We’re looking forward to helping Isaac develop within Lancashire Saw and carry on with the great work he has delivered so far.”

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4 cyber security myths busted

Our Cyber Security Business Manager Sarah Green is on hand to debunk some of the myths surrounding our cyber world.


T or F? “Hackers? They must be some breed of technological genii”

Answer: F. It is impeccably simple to learn how to perform basic hacks. There are numerous online forums dedicated to step by step guides for how to hack websites, networks, phones with try-your-hand targets and links to where to buy the tools you need.

The chances are you’ll get caught within days and with the laws changing to crack down on cybercrime, most probably land themselves in some serious hot water. If you fancy testing your skills, and potentially seeking a career in Ethical Hacking, there are loads of fun ‘capture the flag’ type websites.


T or F? “It’ll never happen to me”.

Answer: F. It might not, but then again it might. Everyone I ever speak to has some experience of cybercrime.

Be it the HMRC email telling you to CLICK HERE to claim your tax refund, or having your card cloned and buying twenty mobile phones in Jersey, everyone has some experience of themselves/their parents/friends/pets being affected by cybercrime.

Whilst there are still unknown unknowns in the cyber world, a known known is that attacks are ever-evolving and are growing in sophistication at an exponential rate. Home or work, if you’re a computer user then security is a necessity.


T or F? “The cost of cyber crime is in excess of £266 billion to the global economy PER YEAR”.

Answer: T. Yes, you read it right. It’s costing us and our businesses two hundred and sixty-six billion pounds per year to deal with the effects of cybercrime.

Let’s put that into perspective: There are 7.4 billion people in the world, so effectively, that’s £38 for every person in the world per year handed over. What else could we buy for £38?


T or F? “It’s money they’re after – providing the accounts are secure we’ll be fine.”

Answer: F. This is an obvious thought, they must just want to get into the accounts and steal the money. Not true – sensitive data carries a whopping price tag and is used as ransom in some cases.

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Junaid Chooses Apprenticeship to Launch Business Career

Business Admin apprentice Junaid has talked about his experiences learning new skills whilst earning a wage – and urged other young people to choose an apprenticeship when starting out in their chosen career.

Initially starting at Training 2000 as a trainee, over six weeks Junaid grew in confidence and his skills, successfully applying for a Level 2 Business Admin apprenticeship.

Now studying for Level 3, Junaid is keen to move onto Level 4, and is enjoying his role at Northern Industrials, based in Blackburn.

Junaid said: “The apprenticeship experience has been really good – I have picked up skills and knowledge that you don’t get from a college or sixth form course and you can implement it in your day job straight away.”

Saying he would recommend apprenticeships to anyone looking to take that next step in their development,  Junaid added: “It has helped me and knew an apprenticeship was how I wanted to build my career.”

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Jana Progresses with Business Apprenticeship

After knowing she did not want to take the College and University route following her GCSE’s, Jana decided that an apprenticeship was the way she wanted to kick-start her career – working at Green Vale Homes, part of the Together Housing group

Starting in 2013 on Level 2, Jana has since completed L2, L3 and is currently studying at Level 4 Business Management – developing skills such as managing a team, learning about the relevant legislation which effects the business and has recently started to learn about the Human Resources side of an organisation and how this operates.

As well as the practical experience you get from an apprenticeship, Jana has also developed her academic writing skills, getting the best of both worlds by going down the apprenticeship route.

Jana said: “I was sure that college was not for me and wanted to go straight into work.”

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left school, so chose a varied subject which interested me, which would benefit me when I did decide.”

Jana also sang the praises of apprenticeships – and would recommend them to anyone who was set to leave school and did not want to stay solely on the academic route.

She added: “Apprenticeships give you a great opportunity to gain experience within the workplace and earn a wage whilst you learn new skills – and unlike university you can stay debt free.”

Line manager Paul Bayes said: “It has been fantastic to see how Jana has developed her skills during her time with us. She has been able to bring her learning into the workplace and make a real impact within the business.”

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Callum Benefiting From Business Admin Apprenticeship

Since starting in October 2015 following taking part in the Steps to Success programme and a Traineeship within the business, Callum has grown in his role as a Business Admin apprentice working within Training 2000 – and could not be more positive about the experience.

Callum said: “When I started, what drove me was wanting to become a valued member of the team, and see where my apprenticeship can take me.”

Currently studying at L2 Business Admin, Callum is already looking to the future and wants to move onto L3 and beyond.

Describing how studying whilst working benefits him, he said: “I take things from the classroom and bring into practice within my role. It is really useful as it helps me understand why we do certain things and see the bigger picture.”

A strong advocate of how positive an apprenticeship is when starting out on your career, Callum is currently part of Training 2000’s Brathay Apprentice Challenge team, promoting the value that an apprenticeship has for both the learner and the business they work for.

When asked whether he would recommend apprenticeships to others, Callum was extremely enthusiastic:

“I already have! They are a great way to gain experience in a working environment and earn a wage, whilst developing skills.”

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Jack builds career through business admin apprenticeship

The ability to develop key skills which influence a young person’s career in the short, medium and long term whilst remaining within a working environment is a major plus from taking on an apprenticeship.

Jack has completed his NVQ Level 3 Business and Administration through Training 2000 whilst working at Urban Vision – the Manchester based business who work in the property and regeneration sector.

Choosing to take on the apprenticeship so he became more efficient when working in an office environment, the course opened up new opportunities which has helped Jack gain a new career in a position that he always wanted.

Jack said: “I have learned various skills whilst doing the apprenticeship, such as using office equipment efficiently and in a professional manner.”

For Jack, the positives of taking on an apprenticeship are plain to see: “They are a great way of learning vital skills which can be crucial in helping you get the career you want. Also it is a great way to gain experience of working whilst also gaining qualifications at the same time.”

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Former learners talk about their apprenticeship experiences

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2016, two former apprentices and current council employees have talked about the positives from studying whilst in work, and how completing an apprenticeship through Training 2000 has benefitted them in their careers so far.

Henry Clark, who was named Apprentice of the Year in the Business Services Category at last years’ Group Training Association’s annual conference, was positive about the apprenticeship experience.

Henry said: “Starting at Training 2000 straight from school and gaining on-the-job experience really helped me progress through my career and prepared me for the future.”

Successfully completing his apprenticeship over a year ago, Henry is currently studying Level 4 in Business and Administration at the training provider’s Blackburn centre.

Working as part of the Growth and Prosperity team at the local authority, Henry’s line manager has direct experience of starting a public sector career through an apprenticeship – completing his at Training 2000 over 10 years ago.

Matthew Sidgreaves is the Business Liaison Manager at Blackburn with Darwen Council and gained his NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in Business Administration after first joining the local authority as an apprentice. Most recently, Matthew graduated with Merit from the University of Central Lancashire after completing a part time Masters in Business Administration.

Recommending the apprenticeship route to young people looking to start the journey towards their future career, Matthew highlighted the importance of developing skills within the workplace at the same time as through additional qualifications: “Employers, now more than ever, require young people to have real work experience and related qualifications.”

Matthew added: “As someone who started off as an apprentice myself, it is fantastic that we have been able to grow our council team through hiring young people who bring in fresh ideas – helping them develop and grow.

Henry really made an impact throughout his apprenticeship – making a real difference within our team”.

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Heather talks about positive apprenticeship experience

When starting an apprenticeship, you’re taking the first step on your chosen career path – gaining on-the-job experience whilst gaining the relevant qualifications. To mark National Apprenticeship Week, we talked to a former Training 2000 learner about their experiences, and how her career has benefitted from an apprenticeship.

Heather started her apprenticeship in October 2005, securing a position as Administrative Assistant at an employer whilst attending Training 2000 for NVQ L2 Business Admin.

Subsequently completing L2 and 3 Business Admin, followed by Level 2, 3 and 4 in AAT, Heather has since gone on to become Accounts Manager at Audas Project Management Ltd.

Talking about why she chose to begin her accountancy career with an apprenticeship, Heather explained:

“I never considered university as an option & the idea of learning & gaining work experience appealed to me.”

Heather also recommends apprenticeships as a great way to progress in their chosen career, saying, “It’s a great way to apply the knowledge you learn at college in the workplace. It also give you the opportunity to learn from other people in the workplace & ask questions to help with your studies.”

Now on her way to being a chartered accountant, Heather is working in an industry she always wanted to be part of. Heather also thanked Training 2000 for the part they played in her development:

“I found it really helped having the visits from my T2000 assessors & the support I received was invaluable. The targets agreed at each visit helped me keep on track with my studies.”

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Sophie Completes Business Admin apprenticeship

After completing her business admin apprenticeship through Training 2000, Sophie has talked about the positive effects from learning whilst in work.

Mixing work with study has helped Sophie broaden her horizons, and also allowed her to make real progression in the work place – completing tasks to a higher standard.

Starting her role at Urban Vision in June 2013, Sophie felt that this provided a really good opportunity for progression.

Starting on level 2, Sophie then moved onto level 3, which she also successfully completed.

Sophie said on apprenticeships: “They are a good way to work your way up through a company, proving that you are willing and have the ability to meet deadlines.”

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Aaron Excels With Business Admin Courses

Aaron is currently making excellent progress in his Business Admin Apprenticeship, after successfully completing the Business Admin Traineeship Programme.

Prior to starting the traineeship, Aaron only held a few qualifications, but once accepted onto the course he excelled, eventually passing with flying colours.

This included gaining vital work experience at Blackpool Football Club, which allowed Aaron to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to increase his employability.

Near the end of the traineeship, Aaron successfully gained an apprentice position at Future Technology Services Ltd, which was advertised by Training 2000.

Taking up the position in August 2015, Aaron has been making fantastic progress, and added:

“The Traineeship at Training 2000 is a very good way to gain experience, qualifications and also basic confidence to apply and succeed in an interview.

“We did everything from team skills to mock interviews, the course is a great way to secure an apprenticeship placement

“I enjoy the Business Administration Apprenticeship I’m on because I learn all different aspects of Future Technology Services LTD, I deal with client enquiries, vehicle tracking, contract files, risk assessments and also stock counts for our warehouse.

“I would recommend the Traineeship with Training 2000 to anyone interested in Business Administration because if I didn’t go in this course I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

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