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Operations / Departmental Manager Apprenticeship

Level: 5
Duration: 2 ½ years

An operations/departmental manager is someone who manages teams and/or projects, achieving operational or departmental goals and objectives, as part of the delivery of the organisations strategy. They are accountable to a more senior manager or business owner. Working in the private, public or third sector and in all sizes of organisation, specific responsibilities and job titles will vary, but the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed will be the same. Key responsibilities may include creating and delivering operational plans, managing projects, leading and managing teams, managing change, financial and resource management, talent management, coaching and mentoring.

Entry requirements:

A minimum of five GCSE at grade 4 (C) or above including English OR prior experience in a manager role

Where will I study:




acquired and demonstrated through continuous professional development



through formal learning and applied according to business environment

Organisational Performance – delivering results

  • Operational Management
  • Project Management
  • Finance

Interpersonal Excellence – managing people and developing relationships

  • Leading People
  • Managing People
  • Building Relationships
  • Communication

Personal Effectiveness – managing self

  • Self-Awareness
  • Management of Self
  • Decision Making



developed and exhibited in the workplace

  • Takes responsibility – Drive to achieve in all aspects of work. Demonstrates resilience and accountability. Determination when managing difficult situations. Seeks new opportunities.
  • Inclusive – Open, approachable, authentic, and able to build trust with others. Seeks the views of others and values diversity.
  • Agile – Flexible to the needs of the organisation. Is creative, innovative and enterprising when seeking solutions to business needs. Positive and adaptable, responding well to feedback and need for change. Open to new ways of working.
  • Professionalism – Sets an example, and is fair, consistent and impartial. Open and honest. Operates within organisational values
Job example

Operations Manager, Regional Manager, Divisional Manager, Department Manager and specialist managers

Date last updated:30 October 2018

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