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Engineering Technician – Machinist – Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Apprenticeship

Level: 3
Duration: Up to 4 years

Machinists in the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering sector are predominantly involved in highly skilled, complex and precision work, machining components from specialist materials using conventional and/or CNC machine tools such as centre lathes, vertical and horizontal milling machines, horizontal and cylindrical grinding machines, electro discharge machines, single and multi-axis CNC machine tools centres. They will be expected to be able set up, operate and adjust/edit equipment settings as applicable to the machine tool being used. When using CNC equipment they will be expected to be able to produce, prove and/or edit programmes. During and on completion of the machining operations they will be expected to measure and check the components being produced and make adjustments to the equipment/programme to ensure components meet the required specification.

Entry requirements:

A minimum of four GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above including English, Maths, Science and Technology is desirable. Other equivalent qualifications are acceptable.

Where will I study:

Training 2000 Blackburn

What will I learn?


• understand mathematical techniques, formula and calculation involved in the machining processes such as speeds and feeds, calculating angles/tapers, material removal

• understand the practical and theoretical uses of the machines used, and their applications.

• understand the work-holding devices, cutting tools, and setting up procedures, in adequate depth to provide a sound basis for carrying out the activities, correcting faults and ensuring the work output is to the required specification

• read and interpret relevant data and documentation used to produce machined components

• determine the most efficient and effective approach to machine the component using a range of tools, machining process and Techniques

• select and set up the correct tooling and work holding devices

• set and adjust the machine operating parameters to produce the work pieces to the required specification. This will involve setting feeds and speeds for roughing and finishing operations

• select and use a range of measuring and testing equipment to check components are to the required quality and accuracy

• produce complex and specialist components as a one off test and trial work piece and/or producing components in small or large batches

• contribute to the business by identifying possible opportunities for improving working practices, processes and/or procedures

Method of delivery

Year 1 – full time at Training 2000
OR x6 four week blocks and 1 day per week to complete the Technical Certificate (if required)
Year 2 – 1 day per week to complete the Technical Certificate (if required) / assessment in your workplace
Year 3-4 – assessment in your workplace

Job example

Machine Setter Operator, Machine Tool Fitter, Skilled Machinist, Toolmaker, CNC Operator/Setter

Useful information

Successful completion of this Apprenticeship provides you with professional status (EngTech) which will be understood and sought after by your peers, employers, suppliers, customers and your wider professional network.

Date last updated:07 September 2021

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