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Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship

Level: 3
Duration: 24 months

An Infrastructure Technician provides support to internal and external customers, helping them to be productive when using technology to do their own jobs, by using tools to problem solve and trouble shoot non routine problems. The Infrastructure Technician sets people up on systems and provides support when they need it, rectifying issues to maintain the organisations productivity.

Entry requirements:

A minimum of three GCSE at grade 4 (C) or above including Maths and English OR prior experience in an IT related role

Where will I study:

At a local QA training centre



  • Communication
  • IT Security
  • Remote Infrastructure
  • Data
  • Problem solving
  • Workflow management
  • Health and Safety
  • Performance
  • Can explain the correct processes associated with WEEE (the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive)



  • Logical and creative thinking skills
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and to take responsibility
  • Can use own initiative
  • A thorough and organised approach
  • Ability to work with a range of internal and external people
  • Ability to communicate effectively in a variety of situations



  • cabling and connectivity
  • maintenance processes
  • architecture of computer systems
  • understands where to apply the relevant numerical skills e.g Binary
  • networking skills necessary to maintain a secure network
  • understands the similarities, differences and benefits of the current Operating Systems available
  • understands how to operate remotely
  • working knowledge of Cloud and Cloud Services
  • disaster recovery and how a disaster recovery plan works and their role within it
  • understands the similarities and differences between a range of coding and logic
  • understands and complies with business processes
  • working knowledge of business IT skills relevant to the organisation



Apprentices must achieve one knowledge module or vendor/ professional qualification from each of the five sections in the list below.

Knowledge Module 1 : Networking and Architecture

  • Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeships) CCNA 1
  • MTA Network Fundamentals
  • Network + A +
  • CIW Network Technology Associate

Knowledge Module 2: Mobile and Operating Systems

  • CCNA Security
  • MCP Managing and Maintaining Windows 8
  • MCP Configuring Windows 8 *
  • MTA Mobility and Devices Fundamentals
  • Security + Mobile +
  • CIW – Internet Business Associate
  • CIW – Mobile Application Development

Knowledge Module 3: Cloud Services

  • MTA Server Admin Enabling Office 365 Services
  • Enabling Office 365 Identities and Requirements
  • MTA Cloud Fundamentals
  • Install Configure Windows Server 2012 Administration of Windows Server 2012 *
  • Configure Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

Knowledge Module 4: Coding and Logic

  • MTA Software Development Fundamentals
  • App Development

Knowledge Module 5: Business Processes

  • Technician Apprenticeships)
  • CIW – Internet Business Associate
  • ITIL Foundation Level
Job example

Help Desk Technician, First or Second Line Support, IT Infrastructure Technician, Network Support

Date last updated:30 October 2018

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