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Military Preparation Programme

Level: 1
Duration: up to 26 weeks - Monday to Thursday

The Military Preparation Programme is for 15+ year olds and will develop your state of mind and prepare you for the rigours of military life. Whilst on the programme you will develop and improve essential skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving as well as developing your confidence and leadership skills.

The physical fitness training and battle P.T. (Physical Training) is delivered by trained instructors who have all gained considerable experience serving in the Armed Forces.

The aim of the course is to improve your chances of passing not only the selection process to the Armed Forces but passing out of phase 1 training.

Entry requirements:

You must have completed year 11 and be aged 15+.

No formal qualifications are required

Where will I study:

At our dedicated training centres in Burnley and Blackpool.

  • 1 week residential
  • Military uniform
  • Visits to military bases, museums and other outings
  • Paid travel expenses*
  • Potential bursary of up to £40*
  • Nationally recognised qualifications available including Maths and English up to GCSE level
  • Regular visits from the Armed Forces Careers advisers for one-to-one advice
  • Support with your application form into the Armed Forces

*subject to eligibility criteria


Method of delivery

Military style classroom and outdoor activities.

Who is this for

15 to 18 year olds who have shown an interest in joining the country’s Armed Forces whether it be the British Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, or Reserve Forces or currently undecided.


To raise your Physical Fitness to the standard required to pass selection. To improve your knowledge and experience of the Armed Forces and key skills and qualities such as confidence, team-work, problem solving, discipline and military knowledge along with essential Maths and English ability.

Useful information

This programme starts EVERY Monday.

Date last updated:15 August 2017

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