7 Top Tips for ‘Bossing’ Your First Job Interview

February 4, 2016

Top 7 Interview Tips - hands shaking

Applying for your first job can be a stressful time – and when you get offered that first interview a mixture of excitement, nerves and everything in between is only natural.

The first thing to remember is congratulate yourself! It is a great achievement to get an interview with often dozens of candidates vying for any position. You clearly have skills that fit the role and now it is just about expanding on these in-person.

Here are our handy tips – which will help you on the way to impressing your interviewers:


1. Dress for the occasion
This doesn’t necessarily mean going into an interview suited and booted – you need to dress appropriately for the role and where you’ll be working. Often smart casual can be the way to go unless the role calls for the formal option.

2. Knowledge is power
Researching the company is a key step in making your interview a success – showing you know about the business, that you’re enthusiastic about the position and what your skills will bring goes a long way to making a lasting, memorable impression.

This will allow you to answer any questions confidently and help show you’re passionate about their business.

3. Practice makes perfect
If possible, it’s a great idea to ask a friend or family member to help you practice your interview technique.

Find some common interview questions and test your answers – even if the questions differ on the day you’ll still have the relevant information to answer confidently and thoroughly, and most interview questions are variations on common themes.

4.Timing is everything
There are few times when arriving late can have such a negative impact than a job interview. This might be the one chance you have to show why you are perfect for a role in their business and if they cannot have faith that you’re punctual, then anything else may fall by the wayside.

Make sure you know exactly where you are going and how to get there, allow time for traffic and aim to arrive around 15 minutes before the interview is due to start.

5. First Impressions
When you first meet your interviewer, smile, be friendly and if appropriate strike up a conversation. Most importantly, relax – keep eye contact and shake hands firmly.

6. Express yourself
Once in the room, you should be fully prepped and ready for anything the interviewer(s) have to throw at you – but remember, it’s not just what you say, it’s the way you say it. Smile, relax and maintain a friendly demeanour.

As well as your skills, an interviewer will want to see whether you will fit in within the company as a whole, as well as your future team.

7. After the interview
Maintain a happy demeanour at the end of the interview, and thank them for the opportunity. It is important for the last interaction you have with the interviewing panel to be positive, as alongside first impressions this is a major factor in how you will be remembered when the decision making starts.


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