5 Reasons an Apprenticeship Could be For You

March 8, 2016

Male Engineering apprentice in overalls and a face shield welding in the workshop

Working out your career path is a big choice for anyone to make – thinking about what you could thrive at, balanced with what you enjoy doing. A bigger choice still is how to get there.

Here we outline some of the key reasons why choosing an apprenticeship has the potential to have a positive impact on your career and your development – both professionally and personally.


  1. Hands-on experience

A key difference between an apprenticeship and the purely academic route is the ability to build up experience in your chosen career.

Gaining hands-on skills in a work environment will set you apart from the competition when progressing, giving you a headstart on those who have not put their learning into practice by the time they complete their qualifications.

When push comes to shove, in a tie break situation who will the job get offered to – someone with years of experience or someone who, whilst holding the relevant qualifications has little or no experience on the shop floor? Experience shines through, every single time.


  1. Money talks

Earning a wage whilst you build up your skills is also a great part of being an apprentice. How much you will earn depends on your age when starting an apprenticeship and what the business decides to pay, but you can find the minimum you could be earning here.

Also, you’ll be dodge the thousands of pounds debt which accompanies a university degree – some graduates will be leaving their courses with upwards of £30,000 debt and by doing an apprenticeship you’ll be able to avoid this, and those monthly repayments which will leave your wage after graduating.


  1. Start climbing the career ladder

Start climbing the career ladder whilst you gain your qualifications – this gives you another opportunity to get ahead of the competition and make a real impact in a business and industry early on in your career.

Making an impression on an employer will put you in a great position when your apprenticeship is completed – with the majority of apprentices kept on by their employers – who have benefitted from your progress and will want to continue to do so, avoiding the job search which often comes with the completion of a purely academic course.


  1. Get qualified

You’ll still be earning those key qualifications which every employer in your industry looks for – evidencing the skills you will be gaining on the job and also from your experienced training instructors.

You’ll have a really strong CV with the perfect mixture of experience and certificates which will help your career flourish.


  1. Build your networks

Meeting people relevant to your industry, both in your business, through training and through fellow apprentices provides a fantastic way to make business contacts which could be useful going forward.

There is a real benefit in developing a relationship with those in your industry, especially in your own region, and an apprenticeship will also build up these interpersonal skills which are so key.


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