4 cyber security myths busted

March 23, 2016

4 Cyber Security Myths Busted

Our Cyber Security Business Manager Sarah Green is on hand to debunk some of the myths surrounding our cyber world.


T or F? “Hackers? They must be some breed of technological genii”

Answer: F. It is impeccably simple to learn how to perform basic hacks. There are numerous online forums dedicated to step by step guides for how to hack websites, networks, phones with try-your-hand targets and links to where to buy the tools you need.

The chances are you’ll get caught within days and with the laws changing to crack down on cybercrime, most probably land themselves in some serious hot water. If you fancy testing your skills, and potentially seeking a career in Ethical Hacking, there are loads of fun ‘capture the flag’ type websites.


T or F? “It’ll never happen to me”.

Answer: F. It might not, but then again it might. Everyone I ever speak to has some experience of cybercrime.

Be it the HMRC email telling you to CLICK HERE to claim your tax refund, or having your card cloned and buying twenty mobile phones in Jersey, everyone has some experience of themselves/their parents/friends/pets being affected by cybercrime.

Whilst there are still unknown unknowns in the cyber world, a known known is that attacks are ever-evolving and are growing in sophistication at an exponential rate. Home or work, if you’re a computer user then security is a necessity.


T or F? “The cost of cyber crime is in excess of £266 billion to the global economy PER YEAR”.

Answer: T. Yes, you read it right. It’s costing us and our businesses two hundred and sixty-six billion pounds per year to deal with the effects of cybercrime.

Let’s put that into perspective: There are 7.4 billion people in the world, so effectively, that’s £38 for every person in the world per year handed over. What else could we buy for £38?


T or F? “It’s money they’re after – providing the accounts are secure we’ll be fine.”

Answer: F. This is an obvious thought, they must just want to get into the accounts and steal the money. Not true – sensitive data carries a whopping price tag and is used as ransom in some cases.


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