Message to Learners Coronavirus update – 6th April 11am

Dear all,

Firstly we hope you are safe and well. Many of you may be feeling increasingly isolated and anxious due to COVID-19, and we wanted to send a message of comfort and say its ok not to be ok. The staff at Training 2000 are here to help you so if you need any support or guidance please get in contact. You can speak with your Tutor /Trainer Assessor or alternatively we have Learner Support Officers Gemma and Ian who are available to support you.

Some of you may have been furloughed from your work. This just means you have been granted leave of absence and you’re working commitments are on pause. Whilst on furloughed working you will receive a minimum of 80% of your wage. Once your period of furlough has ended you will return to work and your wage will return to normal. If you have been furloughed Gemma and Ian will contact you to see if there is anything you need to discuss or need help with.

During the time that you are furloughed you will still be expected to work towards your apprenticeship and your Tutor / Trainer Assessor should have been in contact to explain how this will work. We wanted to reassure you that during this time that your learning/qualification will not be affected and we will make sure we will do all we can to support you to achieve your qualifications.

We will endeavour to keep you up to date with the latest information.

From all the staff at Training 2000 stay safe and well.

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Karen Soames

National Apprentice Wages

Piggy Bank

Good news as apprentices will now have more money in their pockets. From April 1st the apprentice National Minimum Wage for those aged between 16-18 will rise from £3.90 to £4.15 an hour.

Any apprentices aged over 19 who have completed their first year are entitled to receive the general National Minimum Wage for their age, which from the 1st of October will be £6.45 for those aged 18-20 and £8.20 for those aged over 21.

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