‘Secret’ searches with Google Dorks – are you secure?

In 2016 an unbelievably high amount of people rely on search engines to find vital information – and businesses need sites such as Google to reach customers, with both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) two bespoke marketing professions whose job it is to increase visibility via sites such as the American search giant.

Google searches 100 trillion pages, but what many businesses may not know is that information they don’t want to reach the public domain can sometimes end up on the internet’s biggest shop window – including passwords, usernames, emails and other sensitive information.

If the search engine indexes a page or file, this could be found by anyone who knows the right things to look for.

Whilst common searches would almost certainly never find these documents as they would never ‘rank’ in high searches, it is possible to ‘talk’ to Google in a slightly different language which can find files which otherwise wouldn’t be found – and you wouldn’t want to be found.

These Google ‘Dorks’ offer a way to find hard to reach information using simple commands.

Here’s some simple examples:


Site:examplesite.co.uk – this prefix will ensure a search is restricted to the website mentioned.

Filetype:xls – this search will restrict all results to Excel spreadsheet documents.

intext:password – this search will include results with the word or phrase used.


Alone many of these may seem far too vague – but if you combine them, they can get much more specific:


Site:examplesite.co.uk filetype:xls intext:password


This search is now searching a specific website, for a specific file which includes a keyword that may include sensitive data.

It is crucial that employees understand that information which is indexed by Google can be found – so make sure it is only content which you want in the public domain.

You would be surprised at what can be found via Google which could put your business’ finances or reputation at risk if in the wrong hands.

Ensuring staff in charge of uploading and updating items online are aware of the risks and know where they should keep relevant files which are not for prying eyes is crucial to rebutting this type of ‘secret’ search

For more information on the range of cyber security training available at our Cyber Security Centre, call 01254 54659 or email [email protected]

HNC learners Start Course with Tour of Advanced Manufacturing Centre

Training 2000 welcomed around 70 learners onto the Level 4 Higher National Certificate (HNC) this month.

With learners from across the North West utilising the engineering centres at both the Nelson and Blackburn sites, many of them also got an insight into the recently launched Advanced Manufacturing & Automation Centre – having a look at the technologically advanced equipment.

With flexible and multi-site delivery, Training 2000 deliver two-year HNC courses in manufacturing engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and operations engineering.

Industry expert tutors deliver a target, industry leading curriculum, and the Level 4 HNC is designed to grow a highly skilled and confident workforce.

For more information on our Higher National Certificate course, email [email protected], call 01254 54659 or click here for a course overview.

National Insurance Exemption for Apprentices

From 6 April 2016, there is a new National Insurance exemption for apprentices who are under the age of 25.

Firms that employ qualifying apprentices no longer need to pay employer Class 1 Secondary National Insurance contributions in respect of their earnings.

Accountancy experts Beever and Struthers who partnered with us on a recent apprenticeship reform breakfast seminar have created an advice document, highlighting this change and what it means for businesses.

To download, please click here.

Protect your business at free cyber security drop-in

Lancashire businesses will have the chance to check if their cyber security protections – both technical and in terms of staff training – are strong enough to withstand cyber criminals’ attempts to steal money and sensitive company data.

Held at Training 2000’s Cyber Security Centre in Nelson on Tuesday 27th September, between 9:30am and 4pm, the informal drop in session will allow businesses to gain an insight into how secure their own organisation is against a range of common cyber threats.

There will also be the opportunity to see some of the techniques that hackers utilise in action to fully understand the very real threats which are faced by organisations and the multiple methods which criminals use to access company data and finances.

Sarah Green, Business Manager – Cyber Security said: “Helping businesses understand where their potential vulnerabilities lie is a key step in implementing good practice and procedures which significantly reduce the risk of a cyber breach.

“Employees are the gateway into your business, so making sure that staff across all levels fully understand the signs of a cyber-attack and know how to respond could make all the difference.”

Training 2000’s Cyber Security team will be on-hand all day to answer all your questions – techie or not, so please feel free to use this session to come and grab a coffee and enjoy our cyber centre.

For more information, contact us via [email protected] or call 01254 54659.

‘Hacker in Residence’ joins Training 2000‘s Cyber Security Centre

An expert ethical hacker who works with businesses worldwide highlighting the risks of cyber-crime and helps to identify company’s online weaknesses has joined forces with a North West training provider.

Jamie Woodruff has joined Training 2000’s Cyber Security Centre as ‘Hacker in Residence’ – providing penetration testing and technical support to businesses, helping them to identify weaknesses within their computer systems and highlighting the techniques utilised by cyber criminals to steal money and company data.

Showcasing the critical role employees have in combating cyber criminals in their day-to-day roles and the type of threats they face, Jamie will work with the rest of the team to deliver a full cyber security solution, with staff training at all levels of an organisation a key part of this.

Jamie brings a wealth of experience from his work with a range of organisations, from SME’s to Blue Chip corporations – Jamie also frequently travels the world, speaking to large corporations around social engineering, risk management and regulatory standards.

Jamie said:

It is great to have the opportunity to work as part of Training 2000’s Cyber Security Centre, helping businesses within the region protect against the real threat posed by cyber criminals.

Hackers target companies of every size – it is inevitable that your organisation will face some form of cyber attack at some point on either a small or large scale. Preparing through IT systems and through staff training is the only way you will minimise the potential damage which these type of attacks can cause.

Sarah Green, business manager for cyber security at Training 2000 added:

It’s great having someone of Jamie’s expertise and experience on board, and it means we can offer a full service for businesses, making sure each piece of the cyber security puzzle is in place – both in terms of IT systems as well as employee training.

Launched in April 2016, Training 2000’s cyber security centre works with businesses and individuals across the North West to ensure they are protected against damaging cyber-attacks – delivering training courses which ensure staff across all levels of an organisation understand the risks posed by cyber-crime and how to stop one taking place.

To learn more about the ways your business can benefit from the sector specific training courses available at the Cyber Security Centre, visit www.t2000cyber.co.uk or call 01254 54659.

Hear From Cyber Security Experts at Business Seminar

Training 2000’s cyber security centre in Nelson is set to host an event for businesses – offering them the opportunity to hear from experts on protecting against the growing threat from cyber crime.

Taking place on Thursday, 6 October between 10am and 2pm, the event is held in partnership with LIMA Networks Limited, an IT infrastructure solutions provider.

Delegates will hear from Sarah Green, business manager for cyber security at Training 2000, who will talk about how awareness training can make a huge impact in ensuring your organisations staff have the skills and knowledge to protect against cyber criminals.

The event will also hear from LIMA on the role an IT team plays in cyber security, and Matrix 247 who will highlight the cyber security risks in telecommunication systems.

Finally, ethical hacker Jamie Woodruff who works as ‘Hacker in Residence’ at with the training 2000 team, will demonstrate some of the threats and techniques used by cyber criminals with a live hack demo.

To find out more and book your free place, visit http://bit.ly/2chU8CH or email [email protected]

Build Your Future at Engineering Recruitment Day

Training 2000 are hosting an engineering recruitment day on Wednesday, September 21.

Taking place at the Nelson centre on Netherfield Road, BB9 9AR, the engineers of the future will have to opportunity to be matched with live apprenticeship vacancies at companies across Lancashire – and take part in an initial interview on the day.

There will also be travel available from Training 2000’s Blackburn site on Harwood Street at 10am and 1pm. If you require this please contact [email protected] before the day.

To view the latest apprenticeship job vacancies, visit www.training2000.co.uk/apprenticeship-vacancies/

You can also call on 01254 54659 or email [email protected]

Official Opening for £1.2m Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Centre

A pioneering new manufacturing and engineering facility in Lancashire’s industrial heartland has officially opened this month – with around 120 people attending to see the launch event.

The event saw the £1.2million Advanced Manufacturing & Automation Centre (AMAC) opened by guests of honour Edwin Booth, Chairman of the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership and David Bailey, CEO of the North West Aerospace Alliance.

With demonstrations and tours of the facility, attendees from across Lancashire business had the opportunity to learn more about the high level technologies and lean manufacturing environment which are at the forefront of today’s manufacturing and engineering industry along with the wealth of opportunities available to businesses and individuals across the North West and beyond.

Over its first two years of operation, the training centre will enable more than 250 local people to study for Higher Engineering Apprenticeships and take part in upskilling programmes. Successful apprentices will have the opportunity to continue their studies up to degree level.

Including advanced equipment alongside a dynamic team of trainers recruited directly from industry, the AMAC is a unique facility which enhances the skills of engineers and manufacturers through powerful, bespoke training.

The project was thanks to £800,000 received from the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership towards the cost of the facility, as part of a multi-million investment programme to improve the skills of thousands of people in a number of key areas of Lancashire’s economy.

Steve Gray, Training 2000 CEO said:

The AMAC provides a unique environment right at the heart of Lancashire which builds on the county’s rich heritage within engineering and manufacturing.

By upskilling both the current and next generation of engineers and manufacturers on cutting-edge equipment, we’re helping companies develop the employees they need to drive productivity and growth.

It’s exciting that we have been able to complement our key strength as an excellent engineering training provider with this technologically advanced manufacturing and automation centre, and I’m sure that businesses across the North West will be impressed at what the AMAC has to offer.

The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP) invested £800,000 in the project from its £30m Growth Deal Skills Capital Programme.

Graham Cowley, Chair of the LEP’s Growth Deal Management Board, said:

Improving the skills of Lancashire’s workforce in key sectors of the economy is an important part of the LEP’s ambitious strategic programme to transform the county and drive economic growth over the next decade.

The LEP is funding a network of new, modern training facilities all across Lancashire which will improve the employability of thousands of local people over the coming years.

We have committed to supporting 15 new training facilities via Growth Deal Skills Capital funding, of which the AMAC in Blackburn is the second to be completed.


Apprenticeship Reforms Factsheet – September: Key Information for Businesses

After recent new information released by Government in late August, we have updated our Apprenticeship Reform ‘Factsheet’ to reflect the most up-to-date information from the consultation. The results of the consultation are expected in October, at which point we will update our handy guide with the latest information on what the changes could mean to you.

There are many ongoing reforms within the apprenticeship sector, including as the new ‘Trailblazer’ standards which provide the basis for all apprenticeships going forward – replacing the previous frameworks – and the Apprenticeship Levy which will come into force from April 2017.

To help businesses get to grips with the changes, we have created a factsheet which provides some key information on each element of the reforms, and will be updated as new information is published.

To download the September Factsheet, please click here.

If you have any questions or would like information on any upcoming apprenticeship reform events, you can contact us by emailing [email protected].

Cyber Latest: UK is second most targeted nation for DDoS attacks

A recent study has highlighted the number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks which hit the UK – revealing that it is the second most attacked country only behind the US.

With 9.3% of all DDoS attacks worldwide, the UK threat peaked around the Christmas period when “increased cyber extortion attempts caused a boom in criminal activity.” the report from Imperva found.

Fuelled by DDoS for hire attacks where small payments can buy someone a short-burst, unsophisticated attack, they highlight the real risks facing businesses and people across the world – with the UK a prime target.

Sarah Green, Cyber Security business manager at Training 2000 said:

This is more evidence that the UK is a key target when it comes to cyber attacks, against both businesses and individuals.

It is guaranteed that this threat is going to exist and grow going forward, so the key is to protect against it and stay one step ahead of the criminals.

Businesses Gain Insight into Latest Apprenticeship Reform Information

Businesses from across the North West gained an insight into the latest information about ongoing reforms in the apprenticeship sector at an event run in partnership between Training 2000 and accountancy experts Beever and Struthers.

Over 30 delegates heard Training 2000’s Paul Duerden, Steve Whitehead, and Stephanie Whalley take them through the most up-to-date information released in August by Government on the Apprenticeship Levy and the overall reform agenda – including case studies examples which highlighted how delegates businesses could be impacted.

Jacquie Adams from Beever and Struthers then took attendees through the financial aspects of the Levy – 0.5% of a business’s overall payroll if this is above £3m – and an insight into how this will work in practice.

After a short break delegates learnt about Training 2000’s cyber security centre, and why protecting against cyber criminals is increasingly important for businesses.

Finally, Caroline Monk from Beever and Struthers went through the global considerations for UK companies.

If you would like to learn more about the ongoing apprenticeship reforms and how Training 2000 can help, contact us on 01254 54659 or email [email protected]