Learner Journey: Business Administration Traineeship

Rashid, 19, talks to us about his journey from Business Administration Traineeship to Engineering Apprentice.

“It has been an amazing year. The Traineeship was really good and kick-started my career.

“I already had a maths qualification so I completed my English Functional Skills whilst on the Traineeship which helped me to get onto my dream Apprenticeship in engineering. I also learned a lot about business which will help me in the future.

“I had two options when I left school. I could go down the college and university route or I could choose an apprenticeship. I thought about the two years I would spend at college, then the 3 years I would spend at Uni, ending up in loads of debt, and decided that the best way was to do an Apprenticeship. The training is better because you can learn from experienced staff and colleagues in the work place. It’s a lot more hands on.

“Whilst I was on the Business Administration Traineeship my tutor put me forward to move onto an Engineering Apprenticeship. I got awarded the John Nowell Anelay Technology Scholarship Award, which means the first year of my training is paid for by the fund, rather than by an employer.

“After that, I will move onto working within a company, which I’m really looking forward to.”

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