CEO Steve Gray volunteered to experience Training 2000 life in a different role

In an inspired move to raise money for the Christie Charity’s The Big Do this year, our company CEO, Steve Gray, volunteered to experience life at Training 2000 in a different role in the organisation.

In return for a donation to the charity, employees voted for which position he would take on and thanks to donations and votes from the entire Engineering team, he found himself in the role of an Engineering Instructor – quite a change from his usual position.

Steve spent the first part of his “hour in the life of” an Engineering Instructor examining our cutting-edge 3D printers and exploring both their real-life applications and how they enhance our engineering programmes. Learners design parts on a computer system using code, which is then turned into usable parts both on 3D printers and in traditional CNC turning.

Steve, who tested the knowledge of engineering tutor Stephen Hall with lots of questions, complimented the forward-thinking department, stating;

“As well as printing fun items like minions and lamps, I’m glad we use these printers to teach. If we don’t get a hold on this technology now, we’ll get left behind, which is why we’re moving into this field. They’re printing plane parts in Tornados now, next it will be human organs. It’s absolutely fantastic.”

We have a large, busy CNC machine workshop within Training 2000, filled with the equipment used in modern industry. It is in here that Steve worked along-side engineering student Sophie, as she expertly programmed and corrected the machine.

In the final part of the hour, Steve moved into the suite of laptops within the engineering centre, wherein Steve was professionally guided through the process of building the computer programme that creates the parts.

Steve concluded “It’s really useful to get the opportunity to come down here and speak to this department, to talk about our exciting vision for its future.”

Mary McLaughlin, Corporate Fundraising Officer at The Christie Charity said;

“We were delighted to have the support of everyone at Training 2000 Ltd for our Big Do fundraising campaign this year.  It was great to see all their employees, even the CEO, getting into the spirit of things and making such an effort to raise as much as possible.  Their fantastic donation will make a real difference to the lives of cancer patients in the North-West and further afield.”

Monies raised for the Christie Charity can be used in a variety of ways, with funds available for everything from research into specific types of cancers through to complementary therapy for patients.

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First Project Controls Apprenticeship in the North West

After eight months of planning and partnership with the ECITB ten new apprentices have been recruited on the first ECITB Project Controls Apprenticeship to be run in the North West of England.

This course is for Existing Project Control Engineers as well as new entrants to the field and trains learners in the development of project plans, schedules, estimates and budgets. It also teaches vital employability skills, Information Technology in project control and the creation of effective project control working relationships. The course is designed to be flexible so that the training is accessible regardless of company size.

Shane Forth, Head of Project Controls at AMEC, one of the supporting employers said;

“I am absolutely delighted to celebrate the launch of the first Project Controls Advanced Apprenticeship programme in the North West and welcome the first cohort of young people to the start of what I know will be very exciting, successful and rewarding careers.

“I have witnessed a tremendous collaborative effort between the ECITB, NSAN, Training 2000 and the five leading employers that have committed to the programme.  I’m also very pleased that other employers are showing strong interest.”

New Apprentice Natasha Greenbury of Bilfinger Industrial Services Ltd said:

“I applied last year whilst travelling in Australia so was really pleased to be offered an Apprenticeship. Having come from a family of Engineers I’m really looking forward to getting started. I’m sure I am going to enjoy it!”

The Apprentices will spend the next twelve months at our cutting-edge site in Blackburn learning basic craft related skills and planning and costing a simulated project before returning to their respective employers to complete the remainder of their Level 3 Diploma in Project Controls.

Becoming a Duke of Edinburgh Directly Licenced Centre

In January of this year, Training 2000 was very pleased to become a Directly Licenced Centre (DLC) for the Duke of Edinburgh youth development programme.

This unique scheme is a world leader, teaching key employability and personal skills, as well as enhancing the Apprenticeships and Study Programmes we already run. As one of the widest-reaching youth charities, 275,000 young people aged between 14-25 take part in the programme every year. To put this into context, that’s volunteering hours’ worth 14 million pounds per year to the UK economy. There are a number of activities that  are included, based on up to five aspects; volunteering, physical, skills, expedition and residential.

Duke of Edinburgh licences are normally held under the local council and used by schools, colleges and learning providers in that area. However, we wanted ownership of our programme as this would allow us to deliver it to our learners in a way that enhanced their existing programme. The best way to achieve this unique flexibility was to have our own licence.

Tom Kelly, Operations Manager at Duke of Edinburgh charity said “There are no other training providers in the North West who have this licence. Training 2000 are really different to other providers, we work in partnership with them to deliver this programme in a way that really enriches what they already do. Plus we are trying to get more 16-25 year olds involved in the Duke of Edinburgh award and Training 2000 are a key part of that.”

In the first year of running the programme we took 53 Apprentices through, in the second year this doubled to 108. The response has been so good within our Engineering sector that we are now looking into possibly rolling out the opportunity for students to take part in a Duke of Edinburgh award across all of our departments. If this becomes a reality we will become an Operating Authority, able to deliver the programme across our sites.

Training 2000 CEO Steve Gray added “This award offers credibility and self-esteem to our learners. It’s about doing something worthwhile and making a commitment over a period of time. We are fully supportive of the Duke of Edinburgh programme.”

East Lancashire Fundraising Manager for MacMillan presented with cheque by Training 2000

Training 2000 has recently donated £1,131 to the MacMillan Cancer Support charity in aid of East Lancashire cancer services, raised by fundraising activities over the last year such as coffee mornings, a sponsored canal walk and fancy dress outdoor collections.

Sebastien Farrell, East Lancashire Fundraising Manager at MacMillan, was delighted to be presented with the cheque by Training 2000 Financial Director Debbie Hale and said;

‘Thanks so much to the staff at Training 2000 for the very generous donation to the local arm of Macmillan Cancer Support, we currently have over thirty Macmillan professionals in the East Lancashire area including a lung cancer specialist and a new Macmillan GP who is helping with preventative treatments and outcomes. The Macmillan nurses are currently dealing with twenty eight new cancer referrals each week so we need as much help as possible to make sure that nobody in East Lancashire faces cancer alone, with your help we can go along way towards achieving this.’